Entrepreneurial Siezure !
MARCH 4, 1999

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Hello Reading List members!

This week's tip is guaranteed to bring you success . . . eventually. Most small business owners would not be in business if they hadn't had a strong idea they thought other people would give them money for! One of my favorite quotes is from Michael Gerber, a well known small business consultant. He says, "Most small business owners are not entrepreneurs. Most small business owners are technicians, suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure!"

What is the difference between "Joe's Muffler Shop" and Midas Mufflers? Joe wants to install mufflers and the entrepreneur that created Midas wanted to run a successful business! The web has the potential to create a successful business if that is your goal.

How do I do that? You might ask. Just take a look around the web. There are endless sources of free advice and guess what! WebSite 101 is loaded with them on our links page at .

My recommendation is to thouroughly read all the free advice you can get your hands on. One of those sources is Mike Scanlin who contributed our guest article (below) today. I'm going to venture to offer more free advice myself. Look for ways to improve your web presence daily. If you'd like to apply for the WebSite101 A+ Award that would be a good place to start. Go to . We require a list of 8 ingredients to small business e-commerce success. Complete explanations are provided on how to win so you can't fail. But that doesn't mean it's easy!

Here's a tip from Mike Scanlin:

Here's a way for two sites to increase each other's traffic, but it's not a standard link exchange.

First, you need to give them something that they can put on their web site to make their site more attractive. It needs to be some kind of content that you can update on your end, without the other site having to do any daily maintenance. It could be daily news, movie reviews, weather photos, jokes, etc.

I chose Banner Tips (how to make effective advertisements). I started offering free Banner Tips content in exchange for having the Banner Tip be a link back to my site. I give people a couple of lines of HTML that load a gif image off of my server for display on their web page, like this:
<!-- Begin Four Corners banner-tip-of-the-day --> <br><br>
<P><A HREF=""><IMG
SRC="" WIDTH=200
HEIGHT=100 ALT="Four Corners Banner Tip of the Day" BORDER=0></A></P>
<!-- End Four Corners banner-tip-of-the-day -->

The script on my site automatically changes the image it returns at midnight each night. The advantage for client sites is that their traffic will increase as people come back on a daily basis to see the Banner Tip of The Day. We, of course, also benefit by people clicking on the Banner Tip and coming to our site.

If you've got original content on your site then you could probably package it into 24-hour slices and offer to give away one slice each day to sites that display it and link it back to you.

Find out more about our Banner Tip offer here:

Good luck,
Mike Scanlin

Thanks for the great idea Mike! I encourage everyone to take a look at Mikes site, it's loaded with great ideas.

See you next week!
Mike Valentine



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