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Dr. Nunley
April 14, 1999
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A Short Weekly Tip-Sheet for Small Business Web Masters
April 14, 1999 Issue #7
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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Death Defying Feats!!!
by Mike Valentine

Running any successful business online or off can be like
a tightrope walk of balance and poise. It takes practiced
moves to appear graceful and skilled walking that thin line
with little room for error or slip-ups. It's no simple task
to keep your attention focused on your goal and take the
next careful step toward it without becoming distracted by
the three ring circus going on all around us!

Metaphors like this can be helpful to illustrate the point
I'd like to make this week. Success can be unsettling when
you are making progress toward your goal. This week was like
that at WebSite101. My offline business brought me several
unexpected successes that distracted my attention from this
newsletter and handling other online tasks. I felt as though
I were juggling in the ring below at the same time I was
walking that tightrope overhead.

Then, as I was basking in the glowing positive appraisals
from my clients, I let my attention wander from the online
work just long enough to slip and lose my balance for a
moment on the tightrope! An article that you have already
seen here in the "Reading List" was re-published in a much
larger e-zine called the "Internet Gazette" with a circula-
tion of over 100,000 readers. That success brought with it
a jump in circulation to this newsletter and a surge in
online business that I was unprepared for while so involved
in my offline business.

While all of the things causing me to lose my balance were
positive, the result was the same. Inattention causes slips
and slips can lead to falls if you cannot regain your poise
and keep your mind on reaching the other end of the tight-
rope! I stumbled with a couple of online clients and let a
big job get almost overwhelming but somehow kept my footing.
The adrenalin rush was caused by fear of losing it all in a
quick fall but turned into exhilaration when I regained my

I am thrilled with the successes but at the same time I'm
startled at how they can be almost as unsettling as complete
failures when focus and attention are so critical to staying
balanced! Maybe I'll learn to juggle while on the tightrope
so that my offline and online lives are at least on the
same rope and not in different rings of this circus.

At least I know while online, I don't need to put my head
in a lions mouth, pull a rabbit out of my hat or ride white
horses bareback in silk tights! Just keep my balance and

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DrNunley's Biz Tips
by Kevin Nunley

Put Together Your Own Press Kit

Press kits are a great way to generate free media publicity.
You can send them to TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and
Internet publications. There is no firm rule on what needs
to be included in your press kit, but you will look like a
pro if you follow these simple steps.

1. Include a one sheet on your company background. This
gives the reporter a good idea of what your company does,
who is in charge, and what you sell. Tell how your company
started and list important customers.

2. Include your press release. This is a single sheet that
announces newsworthy information. It can be a new product
announcement or info the media audience will find interesting.
I have an article on how to write your release at

3. Add a photo or two, if appropriate, and a brochure.
These are optional but can help to fill out your package.

4. Include a question and answer sheet. Think of questions
the press might ask (or you would like them to ask). Write
down those questions along with the answers. You will be
surprised at how often media folks will follow your Q&A
during an interview.

5. Put it all in a folder with your company name on the front.
Be sure to include telephone numbers and email addresses where
you can be contacted at all times.

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