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September 6, 1999
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A Short Weekly Tip-Sheet for Small Business Web Masters
September 6, 1999 Issue #10
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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Scribe and Subscribe

by Mike Banks Valentine

I spend the majority of my time reading. I receive about a
hundred e-mails a day, sometimes much more than that. Yes,
some of it is spam and junk and unsolicited commercial crap.
But most of it I've asked to be sent to me. I've requested
that wrtiers submit their articles to my weekly newsletter.
They do, and I have a huge file of articles waiting to run
in the WebSite101 Reading List.

I've subscribed to the Link Exchange Digest, the HTML Writers
Guild business list, the List of Lists newsletter, a dozen
moderated discussion lists, several business related bulletins
a freebies announcement, a search engine news and advice list,
a daily achievement quote, updates from all of the paid and
free services I subscribe to and on top if it all I operate
several online businesses, each of which get regular e-mail
correspondence and inquiries from customers.

Why do I submit to this barrage of information raining down
on my overflowing e-mailbox? I came to online marketing and
the internet with less than zero information about the online
world. I knew no HTML. My Internet Service Provider laughed
at the list of silly questions I had to ask about how the
web worked and what I get for my monthly service fee. My first
web site was designed by a professional web designer.

While I waited for the world to start pounding down my door
for the services that were advertised on that beautiful site,
I began to learn HTML through a free online course called
Volcano Web at
it's a step by step tutorial on writing HTML, the language of
the web. Upon "graduation" from that course, I took another,
then another and another.

While I was STILL waiting for my online business to blossom
from my first web site, I knew now what went in to that pro-
fessionally designed site I had paid for and started to add to
it, using the paid-for page as a template to expand the site.

If that were all I had done, I would still be waiting for that
business to come pouring in. I began subscribing to newsletters,
discussion- and announcement-lists.I read great articles by the
more experienced business people on the web. I joined some
discussion lists for online business development run by a small
business groups. Then subscribed to multiple services offering
help to "launch" my business with promotion techniques and
marketing "secrets".

Search engines and free tutorials were the beginning of WebSite
101, where I list the services I used and the tutorials I took.
I learned what I could and then distilled them into what is now
offered at WebSite101 as a "Short Course, How to get my business
online!" That course was likely the introduction of a good deal
of the readership of this list to WebSite101. I now study the
top web gurus and research and read about improving my skills
even further and offer that to this list the way it was first
given to me, free.

I hope that you can use the knowledge and ask only that you
consider visiting the sponsors of this newsletter and pass what
you've learned on to others, while I go read my e-mail.


Freebies can help YOUR small online business!

by Joe Reinbold

There are thousands of locations on the Net to get free
information, help and services. You just need to spend some
time online and at one of the major search engines. If you
are trying to build a business online, you might need some
help with html to build your page or site, a way to check
the html out once you have your pageset up and ready to go,
some graphics, logos, fonts, buttons, bullets, cgi scripts
and more. There are sites that offer these items or services
for free. So if you are not a programmer don't let that stop
you. Get that mouse going and start clicking and studying!

Here are some sites that will get you started.

These can help you with basic HTML:

Check if your HTML code is working properly and if it is works
in different browsers:

Here are some sites where you can get free resources to
enhance your site:

Build free banners:
Free scripts:
Free Graphics:

Free page templates:

Those should keep you busy for awhile. One of the amazing things
about conducting business online is the tremendous amount of help
you can get not only from sites like those above, but you can go
to discussion boards, join chat rooms, and email discussion lists.
At these you can ask questions and get answers to any problems you
might have. Many of us who are well established on the Net today
started with little or no knowledge of how to get our business
started online. But we did it and you can to!

Having access to the Internet is like having your local
library at home. There is no reason to try to re-invent the wheel,
there are many good writers online who share their experiences
everyday with millions of readers. That is why it is also a great
idea to subscribe to the many online newsletters (ezines) like
this one, so you can take advantage of those experiences. See you
online! Go for it!
Article by Joe Reinbold, Publisher of Home Income Quarterly
E-dition, a free weekly online marketing newsletter. To subscribe
just with "Subscribe" in the
subject. Or visit The Entrepreneur's Home Business Link where you
will find the solutions to your home business needs at:



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