Information Wants to be Free!
September 10, 2001

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            September 10, 2001               Issue #108
           Mike Valentine, Editor,

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                  FEATURE ARTICLE

Information Wants to Be Free
by Mike Banks Valentine

From the Web2001 Internet and Mobile conference and 
exposition at the Moscone convention center in San Francisco 
August 4-8, comes an interesting set of keynote speakers 
offered to attendees. Rather than major computer or software 
company CEO's, we have commentators on our culture speaking
to a conference full of web developers and corporate 
strategists charged with developing web initiatives.

One very important speaker was Dr. Lawrence Lessig, Stanford Code and Other Laws of CyberSpace by Lawrence Lessig
Law professor, speaking on the threat represented by corporate 
interests to the creativity of the web. A creativity being
regularly squashed and supressed by legal wrangling and debate.

I attended Dr. Lessig's talk given to web developers at Web2001  
9-7-01 and expected a lively debate when I visited his 
discussion forum at the Harvard Law web site. To visit and see 
posts over a year old is disappointing and worries me. I 
purchased his book, "Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace" at the
show and highly recommend it to all small business webmasters.

Dr. Lessig strongly advocates that creativity not be stifled by  
intellectual property owners asserting control over software and The Future of Ideas by Lawrence Lessig
coding of web pages. This basically represents a viewpoint (and 
only in my own humble opinion, not Dr. Lessig's) in support of 
Open Source computing and freely available content for the web 
with appropriate copyright protections extending only a short 
time to allow the compensation of the creator.

As a list owner that distributes content freely to web publishers 
and a columnist that publishes in multiple small business forums
and portals around the web, I am disturbed by the control being
sought by information "owners" over content.
My list at distributes 
articles written by small business owners to publishers of small 
business ezines and web sites across the web. We have over 700
members, some representing very large distribution ezines and
high-traffic web sites with potential exposure approaching 5 
million readers.

This approach allows exposure for the authors and results in 
sales of products or services from their web sites. The method 
of producing and distributing web content is an accepted means 
of small business exposure for the little guy. Sometimes we are 
infiltrated by publicists and distributors of PR for large content 
"owners" seeking wider distribution and access to a small 
business market segment.

This inevitably leads to threats from publishers of "affiliate" 
articles for distribution. They are suddenly concerned that we are 
using their copyrighted articles and book excerpts for purposes 
other than those intended by the affiliate programs they are 
connected with. They then threaten the list and the affiliates 
posting their "articles" (read PR pieces) with copyright violation. 
This is bizarre, frustrating and worrisome.

Is it free or not?

Another talk at this conference by Stewart Brand, author of "How How Buildings Learn by Stewart Brand
Buildings Learn, What Happens to Them After They Are Built" who
is often quoted as saying "Information wants to be free". He 
would be a welcome contributor at the "Free-Content" list and 
would probably upset a lot of list participants torn between small 
business ecommerce, copyright issues and other business concerns
about "ownership" and protecting that ownership.

Authors who contribute to free content request that their articles 
only be used if their "Resource Box" is maintained and a link to 
their site is listed. It is doubtful that any would persue violators
in court if that condition were not met, simply because most lack 
the financial resources to do so. No money, no law suit. Simple.

Is it free or not?

Many small business writers online contribute to a long list of
article distribution/ announcement lists to gain the widest
possible exposure, yet several major web sites insist on owning 
copyright to published articles. I regularly see articles posted
to the Free Content list that are later run by large webzines that
insist on copyright ownership when they run articles. They are
sometimes picked up from Free-Content or one of the other article
distribution lists. How do I know that? Because I know a couple
of writers that have not submitted directly to those lists, yet
they are published by them and lose copyright of their words!

Is it free or not? I can't believe those large ezines would take
it to court if the authors "violate" the copyright claimed by the
large ezines when those articles are used without their knowledge!
Get real guys. If we offer it free, you certainly can't claim to
own copyright as you haven't paid for it and have used the work
without notice to that author.

It is free, I still own it and you can't claim to own it just
because you published it without my knowledge. Too many publishers
are trying to operate on an old paradigm when the writers have
moved on. 

Free content is Free content and remains so.

Mike Valentine does Search Engine Placement for the Small

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                  GUEST ARTICLE

What Would You Do If You Had No Competition?
by John Colanzi

Imagine waking up one morning and you had no competition. 

Well I hate to eliminate one of the internet's favorite
myths, but you really don't have any competition.

Before you tell me I'm living in a fantasy world, listen to
the facts.

Fact # 1 

95% of internet marketers make no money.

Fact # 2

Most marketers are looking to get rich quick and get while
the getting is good.

Fact # 3

The majority of online marketers already know what to do. 
They don't do it is because it's too much work. They know 
there has to be a shortcut.

There's a story by Larry Williams the Super commodity 
trader that could just as easily apply to running a 
business on the internet.

In an interview Larry was asked, "Larry aren't you worried
that after one of your seminars your system will have so 
many followers that it will no longer be effective?"

Listen to Larry's reply and I'm sure you can see why Larry
can teach his system to thousands of traders and most will
never make money.

<> "Most traders will take my system and make changes, 
which they think will improve their results."

<> "The rest of the traders will use my system for a week 
or two and switch to some other system."

So what happens?

Many of them can't understand why his system didn't work.

It didn't work because they either made enough changes that
it wasn't his system any more, or they never gave it time 
to work.

The same thing happens online. A new marketer just knows 
that he can market better then Terry Dean or Ken Envoy or
Allen Says.

Why follow their advice when he knows so much more than 
they do. 

Why keep marketing a product when you can hop on a new 
program every week or two.

Well I'll tell you a secret. There are two times you can
make money with a product and you'll have little or no 

When a product first comes out you'll make money, just
because it's new. After a few weeks every marketer on the
net will be promoting the same program.

Sales will dip.

What happens then?

All the "Get Rich Quick" boys and girls will jump ship.

Guess What?

95% of your competition has just jumped on their new 
million dollar venture. You're on your own, with little or 
no competition.

There are new opportunity seekers coming on the web every 
day and as the news keeps announcing the economic down 
turn, the rate of new opportunity seekers will continue to

They've never seen your program and low and behold you're
one of the few marketers still promoting it.

Pick a few of these gems that everyone has abandoned and 
you'll have a nice steady income with little competition.

I'm sure you're reading this and saying, "John has gone off
the deep end." 

Great! I like having no competition.

You can keep swinging for the fences. I'm happy just making
contact with the ball.

Wishing You Success,

Copyright (c) 2001 John Colanzi. 
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easy to follow system for generating Internet Profits.
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              Copyright  2001 Mike Valentine
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