911-Remember Call for Volunteer Talent
September 24, 2001

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            September 24, 2001               Issue #110
           Mike Valentine, Editor,

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                  FEATURE ARTICLE

Call for Volunteers to Donate Time/Talents for
by Mike Banks Valentine

Call for Volunteers,

Please feel free to republish this call to action in your own
ezines or on your web sites. Distribution across discussion lists
is encouraged as well.

I would like to make a request for urgently needed volunteers to assist
with a non-profit, all-volunteer project for a website entitled
"September 11-Remember: A Digital Monument" to be unveiled at:
 (note the site is in-development and links do not work as of 9/23)

 This project is designed to take on the monumental but
 necessary task of collecting and promoting the insertion of
 images and data of all the lost and missing of the September 11
 tragedy, thereby assuring that our nation and world
 community will always remember not only the tragic events of this
 day, but each and every person that was lost.
 It was initiated by urbanPEACE, a not-for-profit organization
 based in New York City, and personally inspired by the founder's
 many connections to the tragedy, including having grown up only
 4 blocks from the Towers, and having a father who, as a
 30-year veteran of the New York Fire Department, was called in
 to respond to the crisis and was missing to us until 10pm
 that evening.
 The design, development, programming and supporting
 technology have already been generously donated without
 hesitation by a growing list of estimable firms including Praktikos
 Technologies, i-silver Internet Professional Services, and
 hunterKiller Creative Group. A major copy chain has agreed to
 allow loved ones to use scanning facilities to upload the
 images at no charge. The backend software itself is sheer genius
 and is being largely customized to our specification by an
 ace programmer devoting himself full-time. It is fueled by
 the energies of 20+ international Internet professional
 volunteers. There are many efforts underway too numerous to
 mention here.

We need more volunteers, particularly in the following areas:
--Research/Data Compiliation
--Publicizing the project
--Contacting government officials to "bless" the project
--and much more

If interested, contact me at You may also
sign up for the project's main email list by visiting:

or send an email to:

This is something positive you can do to help.

Thank you.

A copy of this call is posted online at

Mike Banks Valentine

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The following is a letter of introduction to the initiator of the  and memorial project and is also
available online at the following URL.

greetings everyone,

 Let me first introduce myself and tell you a little of
 My name is Angel Kyodo Williams. I am considered by some to
 be a writer and by nature of having a published book, am an
 author. I consider that a vehicle for my work in the world,
 which is to find creative ways for people to connect more
 deeply to their experience and the experience of others so
 that we can all live together more harmoniously.
 I believe in peace. Not the kind that we all pretend we
 like each other, but the kind that is about integrity, bringing
 your whole self to the table and learning how to work with
 whats there. I also believe in action that is inspired by
 that place of heart and connection.
 I founded an organization that is somewhat of a meta-vision
 called urbanPEACE. We say our mission is "to inform, incite
 and empower peacemaking in urban environments" which simply
 means we're trying to find ways to bring about more peace,
 urge people to participate in that process and support those
 that do.
 Now for this project: I am the daughter of a lieutenant in
 the NY Fire Department. My father was called off vacation on
 9/11 to participate in the rescue. We didn't hear from him
 again until 10pm that night.
 My mother lives four blocks from the World Trade Center, I
 couldn't find her until 6pm that night. She has severe
 asthma and though I felt in my heart that she'd not been down at
 the Center, I worried she'd been overcome by smoke, ash,
 soot of nuclear proportion.
 Last, I'm 31 (oh and female, by the way) and as a teenager
 because I lived blocks away, the World Trade Center, right
 between the Twin Towers, was literally my playground. Before
 the World Financial Center existed, before the collapsed
 Building 7 was there. It was my apartment complex and the
 Towers, we were the giants of downtown.
 So I did not, thankfully, mercifully, lose my mother or
 father, but I did lose the Twin Brothers that looked down on me
 as I lay on the cool marble at their feet, gazing up at
 forever, and I am devastated.
 And I am horrified that we, as a country, are so
 emotionally stunned, that we haven't collectively learned how to be
 with pain and death and grief. I'm terrified that in time
 we'll talk about the numbers of missing and lost and they'll be
 just that--numbers.
 This is my way of ensuring that does not happen. I don't
 want to wait for a monument that will come after this is in
 the backs of our minds, I believe we need one now...before we
 have a moment to forget, so we will truly, nationally,
 worldwide, have a way to remember.
 I am honored to have your support in what is, frankly, a
 way for me to not feel utterly helpless or run away from my
 own pain.
 So thank you in advance for showing up and being here. I
 know that together, we will "do 'em proud."

 in gratitude,

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