BioTerrorism Affects Email But Not With Anthrax
October 29, 2001

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            October 29, 2001               Issue #115
           Mike Valentine, Editor,

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                  FEATURE ARTICLE
Bioterrorism Affects Email
by Mike Banks Valentine

At a time when critical issues of national importance are being
discussed in basement rooms at the US Capitol due to Anthrax
laced letters sent to government offices, email has become more
important than ever for person-to-person communications.
Bioterrorism has now impacted even email. No worry that you'll
get sick when you next check your email inbox since terrorists
have not yet figured out how to send those powdery spores via
email attachments (digitizing Anthrax spores seems to kill the
little critters). 

I sent email to my representatives this week expressing concern
about how the Anti-Terrorism Bill signed by President Bush poses
extensive threats to civil liberties. Even though it was routinely
editorialized by major newspapers as going too far without usual
protections against abuse by policing agencies, while the final
bill does require judicial oversight and the bill was given a four
year sunset clause to end it in 2005. I expected the usual replies
from those officials in the form of canned "Thank-you-for-sharing
your-thoughts-and-concerns" email. What I got back concerns me
even more!

My Senator returned an email urging me to call the local office
to express my feelings because . . . "As I'm sure you know, letters
containing anthrax have disrupted Congress by forcing the closure
of the House and Senate office buildings.  The Capitol, however,
remains open and legislative work continues." What has that to
do with email Senator?

The Senator goes on . . . "Currently I've received approximately
30,000 letters and emails which, because of the closure of the
Senate office buildings, my staff and I have been unable to open
and process.  Thousands of more letters are being held by the
Capitol Police." Sorry Senator, that doesn't fly, it falls flat
an excuse for access to email.

I have an old college buddy who works for another senator who
tells me he's set up at home to retrieve the office emails and
continues to work from there. I know the flow of email has not
slowed due to Anthrax and it is now an even more reliable method
to reach elected representatives, as it can be retrieved from

How did my Congressperson respond? "This reply is not your final
correspondence from me -- it's just an automatic acknowledgment
that I have received your e-mail.  I will send you a response
through the regular mail service that addresses your specific
concern. However, in order to ensure that I can respond properly,
I ask that you reply back with your full mailing address,
including street address, city and zip code." 

Swell, now they're responding to email via snail mail! I prefer
the email Congressman. The present danger is not just to our
physical health from Anthrax, but more to the health of democracy
when policy makers are inaccessible to constituents. My concern
now is that they don't seem to value email as an effective way to
communicate with the voting public. The average person in this
country now has four email addresses and can be reached at work,
at home and on the road via web-based email. This could be said
to compare to having multiple writing pads and pens at work, at
home and on the road.

While the famous "Carnivore" email intercepting technology sought
by the FBI will now easily track and monitor our correspondence
with Presidential approval, Congresspersons and Senators seem to
want to continue to communicate by snail mail when it makes even
less sense now to do so. Nevermind that email doesn't cost nearly
as much as regular postal mail. My Congressman continued . . .

"Again, thank you for your e-mail message.  I am privileged to
serve as your voice in Congress." I want to know who is serving
as my EARS in Congress since email seems an unreliable method of
communication with representatives and regular mail is "being
held by the capitol police" as email goes unanswered but for
canned responses making excuses for lack of response and then
promising to send me expensive postal mail to answer my concerns.

We take email seriously (well except for silly urban myths and
endlessly-forwarded-cutesy-pass-it-on-absurdities) in that it is
a routine part of nearly everyones life now. Physical access
to government office buildings is blocked and communication by
snail mail is nearly impossible, while phone access is much more
cumbersome. It's time our representatives began to take email
just a bit more seriously. It'd be nice if they answered it too.

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                Guest Article


Inner Directed Marketing
A New Way to Prosper in Tough Times
Copyright  2001 Joe Vitale. All rights reserved.
by Joe Vitale

One day many years ago I asked a man how he got new business.
He replied, "Angels hand out my business cards."

Yes, that's really what he said. I thought he was pretty
strange, too, so I didn't pursue the matter with him. But I
did notice that he seemed busy and prosperous. He was getting
business, some how, some way.

A year or so ago another man and I were talking. I asked
him the same question. He answered, "Mostly I get business by
wishing for it." He, too, seemed busy and doing well.

I'm not kidding here. But were they?

I don't think so. If you've read my latest book, "Spiritual
Marketing," you know I believe in magic and miracles. But you
would also know that I believe in being practical. If wishing
doesn't work, it needs replaced. If angels aren't bringing in
new business, they need fired.

But here's the rub:

Wishing and angels DO seem to bring in new business.

Quit rolling your eyes. Let me explain:

When I was in Las Vegas October 6, 2001, for the now famous
Guerilla Marketing Boot Camp featuring best-selling author Jay
Conrad Levinson and Aesop Marketing's CEO Mark Joyner, I met
many "old friends" for the first time. I didn't get to spend
enough time with any of them, but the brief moments I had with
a couple of them were illuminating.

Joe Sugarman, the genius behind the world-wide success of
BluBlocker sunglasses and the author of several masterpieces
on marketing, walked up to me and congratulated me on my
"Spiritual Marketing" book.

"I didn't know you were so spiritual," he said. "That was
a real surprise to learn. That's what I've been doing for years."


One of the greatest marketing minds in the history of America
just admitted that he used SPIRITUAL principles to make

And to make A LOT of money, at that!?

Days later, once he and I had returned to our homes after
the seminar, Joe sent me an email saying he practiced a simple
two-step process for getting results: Visualize it and let it

That's it!

Okay, okay. I've got one man talking to angels, another wishing
for business, and Joe Sugarman imagining his desires and letting
them just, well, go.

What's happening here?

I'll tell you what's happening. It's an awakening in business.
My friend John Harricharan, author of the great book, "The Power
Pause," once told me, "The next trend will be spiritual. We went
through the information age. We're now going into the spiritual

Just the other day John wrote me an email saying, "There
is a loud cry and yearning for things of the spirit, but not
like it used to be. Now the world is looking for "practical
spirituality" -- not spirituality that spends an hour or two
a week in a church, synagogue, mosque or temple. But a
spirituality that pervades our business, our relationships
and all phases of our lives. It's like my late, great friend,
Sun Bear once said, 'If your medicine doesn't grow corn, of
what use is it?'"

More and more people today are beginning to realize that
their power for creating wealth in the world isn't THEIR power
at all.

Instead, it's the right use of THE power---which is the energy
of all that is.

But, how do you use this strange new way to get more business?

Simple. I call it "Inner Directed Marketing." Consider it
a shorthand version of "Spiritual Marketing." Consider it a slight
refinement of what Joe Sugarman said he does. Here's how it works:

Step One: Set an intention.

Intention rules the earth. When you state "I WILL..." or
"I AM..." and then complete the sentence with a clear statement
of whatever it is you want to be, do, or have, you create a
command that vibrates with power. An example might be, "I
WILL write an article on Inner Directed Marketing that helps
people easily get better results and which will somehow lead
to my receiving $50,000 every month in passive income." Tall
order? Maybe. But I believe anything is possible, so why not
shoot for the moon? As Robert Collier said, "Plant the seed
of desire in your mind and it forms a nucleus with power to
attract to itself everything needed for its fulfillment." It
also helps if I clearly visualize this intention, and if I
fully feel what it would be like to *already* have
achieved it.

Step Two: Let it go.

Letting go is where the magic happens. Letting go means you
are okay getting your intention AND you are okay if you don't
get it. It's a state of cool detachment. It's a state of neutrality
toward your intention: You WANT it but you don't NEED it. When
you release your intention to the world, you are releasing a
"magic spell" that will stir the energy of all that is to do
your bidding. Now this doesn't mean you don't DO anything. Instead,
what it means is that you act on the impulses you get and the
opportunities you receive. By doing so, you'll be brought to
the thing you want---or to something even better.

In another email to me from Joe Sugarman (used here with
his permission), he clarified this two-step process by explaining
it this way:

"Having established in your own mind the power of thought,
let us say you then create the energy (thought) and let it go.
It goes through the universe with a power and a fury that you
wouldn't believe. But the second key here is that you don't want
to dwell on what you've just let go or keep visualizing it or
even keep thinking about it. Why? Because it interferes with
the perfection of the universe to manifest exactly what you
want to accomplish."

Still confused?

I'm with you. I was confused at first, too. This two step
process is just as strange as the five-step one in my "Spiritual
Marketing" book, or the wishing one, or angels one, of my friends.

The thing is, all these methods work. They work for me, and
I have a dozen books, several audiotapes, a country estate, and
a luxury sports car to prove it. And they work for Joe Sugarman,
who has built an empire. In fact, these "inside out" methods
work for all the quietly daring business people who practice
this white magic approach to marketing.

Want more proof?

Take Bob Scheinfeld. He's the author of "The Invisible Path
to Success." He says his very spiritual method was used to build
Fortune 500 companies, help a computer store jump from $90
million to $350 million in sales, and help a software company
leap from $1.27 million to $21.8 million in sales.

Talk about hard evidence!

I could probably quote from a thousand books at this point.
I'll just reach over and grab a book I am currently reading:
"Immortal Man" by Neville. Here's what that great New Thought
teacher said in one of his lectures:

"First, have a dream, and by a dream I mean a day dream,
a glorious, wonderful day dream. Then ask yourself, 'What would
it be like if it were true that I am now the man I am dreaming
I would like to be. What would it be like?' Then catch the mood
of the wish fulfilled and drench yourself with that feeling.
Then for all your tomorrows try to the best of your ability
to walk faithful to that assumption, and I am telling you from
my own experience, in a way that no one knows, it will come
and it will come suddenly."

It's truly that easy. And you don't have to talk to angels
to make it happen!

In fact, you can probably reduce all these methods and all
these steps to just one approach to making your dreams come
true: Be happy.

That's right. Be happy.

As my friend Barry Neil Kaufman wrote in his wonderful book,
"Power Dialogues": "You can get what you want without needing
it to be happy."

He says when you are happy, you are more inclined to go for,
and get, your dreams. And if for some reason you don't manifest
your goal, well, you're still happy!

I've always felt there was an escalator through life. I've
found it. And I just showed you where it is.

Won't you step up and enjoy the ride?


Order "Spiritual Marketing" at
or read the e-book version for free at

Information on the books, tapes, and courses of Barry
Neil Kaufman is at

John Harricharan's books and tapes are described at

Order Joe Sugarman's books at

Get free details on Bob Scheinfeld's "Invisible Path
to Success" book and get a free five lesson introduction
to his method at

Information on Robert Collier and Neville can be found

Joe Vitale is the world's first Hypnotic Marketer. He is the
author of way too many books to list here, including the
best-selling e-book "Hypnotic Writing," the best-selling
Nightingale-Conant audioprogram, "The Power of Outrageous
Marketing," and co-author of the just released "Hypnotic
Writing Swipe File." His main website is at

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