Robby Robot to the Rescue!
October 4, 1999
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A Short Weekly Tip-Sheet for Small Business Web Masters
October 4, 1999 Issue #13
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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Robby Robot to the Rescue!

by Mike Banks Valentine

Imagine having a robot around the house to do all of the stuff
you just don't have time for AND all of the things you just
plain don't want to do! I fantasize about a robot I've named
"Robby" (really!) that takes out the trash without being asked,
washes the dishes every time I dirty one and mows the lawn for
me every weekend. It's not your typical fantasy, I'll admit
that. My wife thinks it's silly for me to spend 12 hours a day
in front of the computer and say I don't have time to do some
chores around the house!

O.K. I'll admit that it's not necessary to promote my website
online to obscure-directories-for-freebies every night until
three a.m., but I've learned that maintaining a popular web
site can be a huge task! There certainly are some things I'd
like "Robby" to do for me online too! He could answer those
e-mails that all ask the same question even though it's been
answered in my "Frequently Asked Questions" section since
day one.

Well guess what?! There are "Bots" out there doing just that
and much more on the web! I've got over a dozen of these
"Robby's" working for me non-stop on my web site right now!
They don't complain about long working hours or cost me a
fortune either! They simply respond to requests for information
or subscribe interested visitors to my newsletter or record
traffic to my site and pass statistics and detailed reports
to me whenever I ask for them!

The wonder of the internet is the automation that is possible
for repetitive tasks that can be impossible and overwhelming
for a human to handle. These "bots" also record and compile
complex statistics and amass detailed information that would
stifle even a mathematical genius! And they do it all without
a squeak of complaint! They can make you look good to relatives

I belong to a gift service that notifies me of things like
approaching birthdays, anniversaries and holidays before it's
too late to send gifts. I used the service yesterday to send
an anniversary gift to in-laws. I had forgotten the occassion
entirely, but got that little reminder e-mail, which sent me
the address of the gift service and made another sale for that
online company. There are dozens of ways to use automation
online. I just wish Robby would paint the living room for me
today so that I could catch up with my online chores.

It's possible to find these online services everywhere you
look, but if you need some suggestions, send me a note and I'll
point you in the right direction.


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People Just Don't Answer

(c) 1999, Weblord's Web Essentials

Same old story. You sent an email to someone you thought
would be interested to do your project and also would
be interested in an additional client, but they
didn't answer.

You blame the person on the other end but you need
to understand there are things that hindered him
from answering your email rapidly.

Consider the following:

1. They spend hours sorting thru requests trying
to send more info quickly. They are overwhelmed
by the email messages they're receiving.

2. They spend even more hours entering
prospects addresses into a database.

3. They're busy handling prospects calls
complaining they never received the
information they requested.

4. They're trying to remember which
prospect received which follow up letter.

5. Since they're doing it manually, they cannot
accommodate hundreds of potential customers
due to ineffective follow up and tracking.

Eventually, with fewer customers you lose profits
and eventually lose your business.

How can we cope up with avalanche of email messages
thronging our inbox?

The answer is for you to have your own

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a program that runs on a web
server to automatically send a reply to the
email address that sent mail to it. They are also
often called infobots, autobots, automailers,
and responders.

Now, let's talk about the importance of an

It's been known to marketing industry researchers
that your average prospect needs to be exposed to your
messages up to 7 times to become a motivated buyer!

That's called "rule of seven" which has been taught in
business schools for years.

Put that "rule of seven" securely inside your head!

Statistics show that average conversion rate from visitors
to buyers is less than 1%!

An autoresponder offers you the ability to send your sales letter,
catalog, price list, press release, brochure, newsletter, job list,
technical data, spec sheet, instructions, ordering info, or
anything else you would send a prospect,
ON DEMAND when they want it.


1. Immediate response to your potential customers' inquiries,
which means increased sales.

2. Online reports of clients requesting information

3. Very cost effective, relative to telephone
or faxed information.

4. You can file and fill requests 24 hours a day,
even while you're on vacation.

5. Instant information on demand and delivered
within usually seconds.

6. You have total control over your responder
through a password protected web site.

7. You can update your AutoResponder text
yourself easily, anytime you wish.

8. Your AutoResponder tracks and logs, "Who and When,"
relative to information requested and then
the AutoResponder will send you a daily
log of this information.

9. The ability to "capture" people's email addresses
by asking them to send for more info by email while
they are visiting your web site.

10. In "Today's Information Age" the name of the game is
automatic and fast. Visitors from your site don't
want to receive a package of info delivered to their
house. They don't even want a brochure. What they
want is detailed information delivered to their
email boxes right here, right now. With an autoresponder,
anyone world-wide can retrieve their needed
information anytime and for free.

Where can you turn to?
Try the following links and web addresses.

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