Can Spam, It's No UCE!
October 10, 1999
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A Short Weekly Tip-Sheet for Small Business Web Masters
October 10, 1999 Issue #14
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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SpamFilter . . . Finally! A Solution to SPAM emails


Can SPAM it's No UCE!

by Mike Banks Valentine

Ya Gotta love those scumbags! Those spammers who make a
living encouraging everyone else to spam by selling CD's
full of e-mail addresses they shouldn't have in the first
place. I got an offer this week for a CD with - I kid you
not - 57 million e-mail addresses! For only $149 I can
make millions of people hate me and my business by sending
Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE) to people who don't
want to hear from me!

To encourage me to become a lowlife scumbag, he offers me
some simple math. I quote:

"Imagine selling a product for only $5 and getting only
a 1/10% response. That's $2,850,000 in your pocket !!! "

You bet it is! And it will never happen in this life or
the next. What will happen is that my Internet Service
Provider will shut down my account and ban me from their
service and I'll be tracked down by the law enforcement
agencies in nearly every country I e-mail my information!
The cat is out of the bag by now folks . . . it's no UCE
spamming. That is the recommended course of action for
almost every get-rich-quick scheme on the internet.

IF IT INVOLVES SPAM, CAN IT! Delete and forget those silly
messages! My internet service provider offers a special
address to forward all spam that I receive so that they
can filter out the offending scumbags and I use it quite
regularly. I've even been known to seek out the ISP of the
worst offenders and attempt to have them banned from their
own accounts. In doing this I've found several ISP's that
cater specifically to spammers by protecting their identity
and offering "secret" e-mail addresses which are "cloaked"
and re-routed through other servers to hide the source!

You know that legitimate businesses would never resort to
hiding. So that's enough of my anti-spam tirade! What I'd
like to offer are a couple of high-quality programs with
high integrity to match. If you want to spend some small
change for some big returns, take a look at these two new

The first is a new e-book for under $30 and worth far more,
"The Ezine Marketing Machine" in which author Rick Beneteau
shares with you his hard-won methods of using "FREE" e-zine
ads to gain new business and market yourself effectively.
Many ezines offer free ad-swaps, (reciprocal ads) to highly
targeted prospects on OPT-IN lists. Others provide free
classified ads in their publications and Beneteau has spent
over two years assembling and using the methods shared in
his book. I'll let Rick outline his book in the Guest Column

The second resource is a valuable EZine Ad Source Directory
run by John Nesbit. His database of ezines that accept paid
advertising is invaluable if you are looking for highly
targeted sources for your ezine advertising. His service is
below $40 a year and will save you countless hours of slow
searching for good ad placement. Listed zines show circulation
data and contact information along with a discount of up to
50% for members granted by various e-zines in his directory!

With legitimate businesses like those of John Nesbit and Rick
Beneteau providing honest marketing methods that acheive
quality results, there is no need to resort to less savory
approaches of the spamsters.

Can SPAM it's no UCE!


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I Make a Fortune Using FREE Ezine Advertising and YOU CAN TOO!!

by Rick Beneteau

Information is King of the World Wide Web. And for good reason -
We Need It!

I am referring to Internet Marketing Information of course.

There is not a single day that passes that I haven't learned at
least one new marketing tip, Internet trick or piece of priceless
advice that will keep me in overdrive on the Information

More often than not, these will come from a book or informational
software I've purchased.

I consider myself a fairly astute Internet marketer, but I am
smart enough to know that I don't have all the answers. I can
learn, as well as teach. Amazing how often some small pearl of
wisdom comes shining through a thirty dollar tutorial that will
either make me a lot of money, save me a lot of money or conserve
that most precious of commodities - time.

I've learned from some of the best - Marlon Sanders, Declan Dunn,
Mark Joyner and Jim Daniels. And I know in speaking with these
top cyber-marketing minds, they've learned from me as well.

But I've been taught a lot by newbies too! Newcomers who don't
have the built-in prejudices and blocks that some of us
long-timers are predisposed to having (like the Net's ancient or

What gets my BVD's in a bunch though, is the immeasurable
gigabytes of "reports" that run rampant all over cyber-space
masquerading as legitimate how-to-market-on-the-Internet
information. And the not-so-yet-netsmart newbies who get sucked
into spending their not-so-plentiful marketing bucks on products
of little-to-no-value. You know what I'm talking about, all
filler and no meat!

The only information on Internet marketing that any of us want
and need is new and current. The Internet changes faster than
anything we've witnessed before. We need information written by
those who are REALLY making money on the Internet. Those who CAN
teach us but who are also sincere in their desire to share
EVERYTHING that is working (or isn't) for them.

Here's my story in a nutshell. I've made a lot of money by
"using" ezines as my main promotional vehicle. I "trade" hundreds
of these Internet newsletters valuable information that I provide
for the exposure they give me in return. I benefit their readers
and they in turn become my future customers and newsletter
subscribers. Win win. I get literally millions of impressions per
month and built a pretty substantial business from this one
vehicle. I saw this opportunity almost from the moment I logged
on for the first time and I have never looked back. I've always
referred to my method as EZineMoney.

And now I've decided to be a teacher and teach my exact method to
those eager Internet marketers who are willing to listen, learn
and also, earn. I've started a new program called, what else? -

My first product is called The Ezine Marketing Machine and it
teaches you exactly what the title of this article states - How I
Make a Fortune using FREE Ezine Advertising and YOU CAN TOO!!

EZINEMONEY is also a 2-Tier affiliate program with a 50%
commission structure. See, I believe true partnerships are 50/50.

Bottom line, for the price of a good steak dinner, you can
possess what I believe is among the best-of-the-best Internet
marketing tutorials. Short, sweet and to the point. Which is
making money, right?

And, you can join and make almost unheard-of 50% commissions
offering The Ezine Marketing Machine (and future related
products) to the hundreds of thousands of budding new Internet
marketers coming online right now and in the next couple of

So I ask, Is Your Internet Career Worth the Price of a Good

Join me, earn 50% COMMISSIONS and become my Partner in my brand
new 2-Tier Affiliate Program EZINEMONEY:


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