Check under the hood!
October 17, 1999
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Weekly Tip-Sheet for Small Business Web Masters
October 17, 1999 Issue #15
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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Check Under the Hood!

by Mike Banks Valentine

Taking the car in for a routine service call can be so
frustratingly time consuming and upsetting! I will sometimes
put off that trip for the regular oil change or the simple
tire rotation for too long because I'm certain there is going
to be something else wrong with "Old reliable". She has a few
miles on her now and I just know the mechanic will pop up
from under the hood, as I return to pay for my tune-up, to
tell me that I have to replace the timing belt. O.K., go
ahead and do it and call me later to tell me when I can come
in and pick it up.

Well, guess what? While he was working on that, he found a
crack in the water pump and needed to replace that, then he
discovered oil in the water and found that the head gasket
had blown and had to fix that. Now he'll have the car for two
days before I can have it back and the costs are adding up
faster than I can calculate them! Man, if I had just waited
to go in there, it would have been allright for a few more

You know what's coming don't you? Keep your website tuned up
and do regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs and big
overhauls.I've known for months that I should be adding a
section to WebSite101 on how to set up and implement an
ezine and haven't done it because it leads to further work.
Specifically on the site navigation and links structure.
Then I'll notice that I need to add another page to discuss
promoting and marketing your ezine and another to list the
names of ezine directories and other publishing resources
such as list servers and advertising resources.

I now know I'll have my work cut out for me for the forsee-
able future in designing those pages and several more to
discuss that increasingly important web marketing standard,
Ezines and newsletters. Well to make up for my laziness, I
will send you elsewhere to find this important information
so you don't have to wait for me. Readers of this
column will remember that just last week I railed against
the lowlife types that use Unsolicited Commercial E-mail or
Spam sent indescriminately to every e-mail address that they
can get their sweaty little hands on.

Why do they do it? E-mail marketing works. It's that simple.
That is why advertisers pay good money to place ads in ezines
with substantial mailing lists of targeted prospects. Makers
of dog biscuits know that they will find 1000 potential
buyers of Bow-Wow Biscuits on the Bow-Wow Bulletin weekly
dog-lovers list. They will pay a premium to reach that very
targeted list of people that they KNOW are potential regular
customers for their product.

On the flip side of that, it's the classic win-win situation
since it is those same dog lovers who're actually INTERESTED
in the advertisers product! Your web site caters to a very
clear and specific group of people, whether it is dog lovers
or small business webmasters. You should take advantage of
having that group of interested buyers gathered in one place
reading your complementary businesses advertisements. Dog
collars, dog houses, dog toys, dog kennels and dog groomers
will all be interested in advertising to *your* readers.

There are many good resources for the development of a
quality ezine. Here are a few to get you started:

1) Directory of Ezines at:
Offers a place to list your publication or a way to
purchase advertising with targeted prospects of other
2) Ezine Factory at:
Offering advice for getting started with your ezine and
resources for increasing your circulation along with
articles posted by successful marketers of ezines.
3) Listbot list server at:
There is a free and a paid version of this service
I'm a very happy user of their "Listbot Gold" premium
4) Ezine Money at:
An e book about how to make a fortune using Free Ezine

Get started with those while I go do a little web site
maintenance and install a few accessories to keep my motor
running smoothly at WebSite101. Don't forget to change your
oil and rotate your tires.


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Internet Tip of the Week
by Bob Osgoodby

A Grain of Salt

All things being equal, it is sometimes difficult for someone new
to computers to recognize what is good advice and what is not. It
seems there are many "self-proclaimed" experts writing articles
on every subject imaginable, and sending them out over the web.
As a publisher of three major Newsletters, I get articles
submitted to me every day.

Some of the advice given in these articles is good and some is
downright awful. Just because it appears on the web doesn't make
it gospel. I received an article recently that discussed "E-mail
Harvesting Software" which extracts E-mail addresses from Web
Sites. It went on to say that it can search the web on
"keywords" that match the clientele you are seeking. It then
recommends that you send an E-mail to each one you find, telling
them of your offer. Bad Advice - this is spamming.

Spamming of course, is the sending of unsolicited E-mail to
someone who hasn't requested it. Most ISP's (Internet Service
Providers) have a "zero tolerance" for spamming, and will quickly
terminate your account. Was there a hidden agenda here? A quick
visit to their web site, which was listed in the credits, showed
they were a representative for the company selling the software.

Another article discussed online marketing and came down pretty
hard on personal web pages available free from many ISP's. Turns
out they were selling web space - another hidden agenda.

So how do you know who to trust and whose advice you should
avoid? Always check the credits at the end of the article. If
they are selling what they wrote about in the article, they are
at the very minimum suspect. Their real agenda might be to sell
you their product or services.

Now, don't get me wrong. There is a lot to be learned from
people who are actively engaged in the business they write about.
There are some very knowledgeable people on the net, and their
articles provide some really great advice.

So how do you separate the good from the bad?

If you see an article that reads like an "Infomercial", be
especially careful. Usually a dead giveaway is they refer to
their product, service or opportunity in the body of the article.

Watch out for outlandish claims. If someone claims they have the
secret to earning a huge income, why would they share their
secret with you for twenty bucks?

Another ploy being used is to write a "make believe" Newsletter.
It is usually a thinly disguised advertisement(s), with little or no
content. If it arrives in your mailbox without you requesting it,
it's a good bet it is simply an ad. If they are simply hawking their
wares, take it with a grain of salt and use the magic "Delete Key".


Bob publishes the free weekly "Your Business" Newsletter
Visit his Web Site at to
subscribe and place a Free Ad for your business.


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