These Things Really Work!
November 22, 1999
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Reaching Great Minds Online
November 22, 1999 Issue #20
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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I was speaking with a client this week and mentioned one of my
favorite marketing resources. Then I remembered that she was a
subscriber to this newsletter and said, "You know, the company
called, that I've been singing praises to in my
weekly newsletter for two months now. That is eight issues of
the WebSite101 Reading List!

She looked at me blankly and said, "I don't remember seeing that
even once." This shouldn't have surprised me but she is an avid
reader of my weekly rants here and couldn't have missed seeing
something I've touted as fantastic for 8 weeks!!! This is proof
positive of the old marketing rule of thumb that says a person
must be exposed to your message *at least* 7 times before they
investigate, call or log on to your website.

Fact is, she somehow missed it or saw it as irrelevant to her
business. Let me reiterate a list of resources that I strongly
believe in and endorse without reservation for those of you
who somehow missed them as I've raved unreservedly and sung
their praises to the heavens repeatedly in my writings here.

1) at . This is a wonderful
service that allows you to register as a "seller" in a category
that fits your business *precisely* no matter what that business
is! Buyers then go to and register as "buyers" and
note what they are interested in purchasing. This can be either
a product OR service. I am registered as a web developer under
WebSite101. You receive an e-mail from telling you
that there is a buyer interested in your product or service.
You then click on a coded link that sends you to that buyers
request and respond to them. Hence, the name!

If you sell goods or services, GO REGISTER as a seller and get
referrals sent to you consistently! Please tell them WebSite101
sent you so I get my brownie points. ;-) They ask, just answer.

2) EzineMoney at yes
I am an affiliate because I believe strongly in the message
Rick Beneteau presents in this new e-book that costs no more
than a good steak dinner but can make the difference between
online success and failure for your business! Rick Beneteau
operates one of very few successful online businesses and
shares the methods he used to accomplish that success by
marketing via e-mail and using free advertising. I even
compete directly with one of his products, yet haven't a
moments hesitation to recommend this book as a great
resource for your online marketing efforts! He also offers
a 50% commission for affiliates (that is the best in the biz)!

3) Advertise offline! I believe in this concept so strongly
that I've developed an online virtual partnership with a
promotional products company to sell *custom-made* t-shirts
with your web address printed on them! Take a look at our
site at where you'll see photos
and you can order securely online. We also offer another
innovative product called adURLplates that attach to your
car to promote your website while you drive in traffic. Go
to to see them and order
securely. If you want to see what mine look like on the car
go to . If you
drive regularly in heavy traffic this could work dramatically
for you! And I needn't remind you that you must have your
URL on business cards, marketing materials, letterhead and
every pen, bookmark, keytag and pocket calendar you provide
to your customers. Go to to see
the endless possibilities.

Now don't say I didn't tell you so! PSSSST! I'll give you
a hot tip! Take a look at the section entitled HOT TIP
every week because that is where I put these gems on a
regular basis! It's not a cliche, it's really something
that I've found to be a dramatic help to my business or
something that I support wholeheartedly and without


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Five Breakthrough Marketing Ideas!

by Larry Dotson

1. Offer to insert ads into your product package
for other businesses. Just ask, in return that they
do the same for your business. You should only
trade insert ads with businesses that have the
same target audience.

2. Offer a free daily class in your web site's chat
room. The class should be related to the subject
of your business or web site. This will get people
to visit your web site everyday.

3. Do you have a product that doesn't sell well?
Offer it as a free bonus for another businesses
product or service. You'll get free advertising by
placing your web site or business ad on the free

4. Place different emotional response ads for the
same product or service all over your web site.
One ad may hit their hot button to buy more than
another ad.

5. Publish your e-zine in e-book format. You
could offer a larger number of articles per issue.
It also allows you to include graphics with your
ezine.Your advertising revenue would increase
because you could charge businesses for large
color ads.
1075 FREE Internet Business eBooks !
Go to:




How do I include a link in my e-mail so that the person
I send it to can just click to go to that web site?



This is a very simple technique that many small businesses
new to the web fail to take advantage of. Only those that
know that odd foreign language called HTML know how to do
this easily. Fortunately, you don't need to know more than
the simple code it takes to create e-mail links if that is
all you want to do. This is called a hypertext link.

Whenever you want to send someone to a website URL, just
type the URL completely, with no spaces and separated from
ALL punctuation. (Don't leave off the http://) Like this: (no period after .com)

When you want your e-mail address to be clickable to auto-
matically open a new message window and fill in your e-mail:

This works for most e-mail programs built into browsers
EXCEPT AOL and here is where the HTML comes in. Unfortunately
those of you on AOL will be unable to see this code, so I
am subsitituting symbols so that you CAN see it. Use > not )
These are usually on your period (.>) and comma (,<) keys
(a href="")AOL users click here(/a)

Those of you *not* on AOL I'll use the correct symbols here:
<a href="">AOL users click here</a>

The same applies to e-mail addresses with clickable links.
those of you on AOL will be unable to see this code, so I
am subsitituting symbols so that you can see it. Use > not )
(a href="")

Those of you *not* on AOL I'll use the correct symbols here:
<a href=""></a>

Give it a try!




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