I've Got a Nasty Virus!
December 8, 1999
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Reaching Great Minds Online
December 8, 1999 Issue #22
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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I've Got a NASTY Virus!

by Mike Banks Valentine

I've got a seriously destructive and nasty virus wreaking havoc
in my CPU! I downoaded it by shaking hands with my father-in-law
on Thanksgiving! There's nothing that can be done about it short
of lots of bed rest and drinking plenty of fluids. I even went
to the doctor yesterday to see if there was some magic anti-virus
I could take to wipe out this awful strain. He was encouraging,
and said it wouldn't do any permanent damage to my hard drive.
The effects are all temporary.

You would think that with all the advances in software, they
could come up with a way to zap these silly biological demons!
The web is nothing short of magical to me most of the time, but
it seems there are some things you just can't fix by going online.
I've had a screensaver running (dreams of flying toasters) for
the last two days while lying in bed reading novels (3 so far!)
and having my wife feed me vitamin C. I have our toy Yorkshire-
Terrier and our cat Raspberry sleeping beside me.

Sounds real homey and sweet, right? Well It's making me nuts!

E-commerce waits for no man! The web is out there advancing at
a screaming pace while I lie in bed sniffling and snoring and
sneezing. It makes me crazy to think of all the great news
sitting there in my e-mail box that could be the next big thing
online and all I'm able to do is open another box of tissues
and cough incessantly! I want to open my software and get back
to work!

Well that's enough! I'm going to at least go read the e-mail
and tell everyone all is well. The newsletter is late! My work
is piling up and I've got six projects waiting on the backburner
while I nurse this silly virus. Circulation for the Reading list
continues to climb as I continue to take my medicine.

So I sit down at my computer and stack the tissue box on top of
the monitor, a hot cup of tea beside me. I turn it on. Nothing.
I try again. It begins the startup process and stalls. Nothing.
Sorta how I feel too. Start to write, nothing. Try again, nothing.
Well the computer's getting a brand new hard drive tomorrow. Still
have a guest article for you this week and those three ingredients
to success I've mentioned before still apply.

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Remind Your Customers
by Larry Dotson

If you don't remind your customers that you are
still in business they may forget. Repeat customers
are the lifeblood of any business. Below are three
effective strategies you can use to remind your
customers that you are still in business and get
them to buy over and over again.

1. Ask your customers to subscribe to your free
publication. It could be a print newsletter, e-zine,
newspaper, journal etc. You could send out the
publication weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc. The
articles in the publication should be informative
and helpful to your readers. You can increase
repeat purchases by including advertisements of
new products and services that you offer.

2. Ask customers to sign-up to an e-mail update
that tells them when you have made changes to
your web site. Whenever you update your web
site send them an e-mail to remind them to visit
again. If you're using this strategy it's important
to update your web site often. Add new content
that would be of interest to your customers. You
could also add free stuff to your web site like
software, online utilities, ebooks etc.

3. Follow-up with your customers. You could
follow-up by e-mail, direct mail or by telephone.
It's always important to get their permission to
follow-up ahead of time. You could contact
them and ask them if they were happy with their
purchase. Send them online or offline greeting
cards on holidays and birthdays. You could also
follow-up with a free gift letting them know you
appreciate their business. You can get repeat
business from them if you include another product
offer or back end product with each follow-up.

In conclusion, any of the three strategies above
will increase the number of repeat purchases from
your current customers. You can increase their
effectiveness by combining all of them into your
marketing campaign.

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