Stormy Weather Subsides!
December 19, 1999
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Reaching Great Minds Online
December 19, 1999 Issue #23
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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Stormy Weather Subsides!
by Mike Banks Valentine

Many small business and home office workers suffer seeming
constant small setbacks and difficulties. That is the challenge
of running your own business. Just when you think everything is
looking sunny there's a storm on the horizon ready to rain on
your parade, dampen your enthusiasm and make muck of your well-
tended garden.

WebSite101 was gaining popularity, our weather was warming and
our promotional campaign was flowering. All was looking rosey
and smelling sweet when I tripped over a hedge, banged my head
on the patio and sprained my arm in the fall. Fortunately I was
on my way to see relatives for the Thanksgiving Holiday and could
rest and recuperate.

My Father-in-law greeted me at the door with a sniffle and a
cough. It seemed inconsequential at the time, but over the next
few days he became consumed with the flu. I guess it was then
that I decided to take it home with me and spent the next 10
days trying to get over the same flu. I got past the worst of
it and ploughed back into the delayed work.

Then came the complete hard drive failure, just when I needed
to get caught up from the two weeks off of work! Down for another
week while reloading software, tracking down lost e-mail and
catching up with delayed projects. Geez! That's enough already!
Let's get back to work!

As if to emphasize the recovery from my computer failure and
illness, the sun was shining today and the temperature rose into
the balmy range with less than a week to go before Christmas.
The nice weather and my relief at being able to get back to work
combined to make for a very pleasant day. I'm glad to say that
the stormy weather has subsided and I'm back to getting things
done again!

There are new clients waiting in the wings and I'm looking
forward to tilling new ground, planting new seeds and harvesting
new crops. It's definitely a bit early in the season to be using
gardening metaphors but I'm so relieved to be back in the topsoil
and growing WebSite101 to World's Fair proportions!

As a special treat this week we have a guest column from Jay
Conrad Levinson, author of the Guerilla Marketing series of books,
to discuss trade and barter to enhance your business' cash position.
Use his great tips and grow your own business!


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by Jay Conrad Levinson

Small businesses around the world are learning of new ways to save
their cash and still get what they want and need. As guerrillas
well know, in l999, more media was bartered for than purchased.
But with the enormous growth of small business, a lot more than
media can be obtained through barter.

For example, is a new kind of barter firm. It
enables small-businesses to address the pressing need of improving
their cash flow. By enabling small businesses to trade their goods
or services for the goods or services offered by other businesses,
bartering through a company such as adds direct,
bottom-line value to a wide range of businesses in a galaxy of
different industries.

Along with being the leading barter company, is
also the simplest with which to transact business. Important stuff
to guerrillas.

Barter sites such as, and there sure arenÕt many,
enable complex exchanges among multiple businesses by enabling them
to spend and earn LassoBucks amongst each other. Unused time,
inventory, and capacity can be transformed into business value.

Guerrillas at the helm of small businesses are rapidly learning
that bartering is a way to conserve cash, find new customers, and
convert their excess time or capacity into the things they need
and want.

Think of what your small business needs or wants, but canÕt afford.
If you visited the site today, youÕd find that you
could barter for window-cleaning, web hosting, accounting and tax
services, business consulting, color business cards, computer
services, gift baskets, chiropractic care, graphic design, legal
services, lodging, website design, and a lot more.

To get these kinds of things, you donÕt have to pay cash. All
youÕve got to do is trade whatever you already have. Seems very
much in the spirit of guerrilla marketing Š because you get high
quality without paying high prices, without paying any money

As one who has bartered marketing services for a solar heater for
my pool, a giant screen TV set, a vacation in Hawaii and dining
privileges for a year, IÕve long been a fan of barter. But I fell
into those barters by luck and circumstance. Now, itÕs possible
to browse a site to see what catches your fancy. ItÕs a new world
and barter is part of it now more than ever.
(Jay Conrad Levinson is the author of the "Guerrilla Marketing"
series of books, best-selling marketing books in history, now in
37 languages. His website is and his toll-free
number is 800-748-6444. His newest book is "Mastering Guerrilla
Marketing," Houghton Mifflin, l999).

c l999, Jay Conrad Levinson



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