Bah Millennium Humbug!
January 3, 2000
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Reaching Great Minds Online
January 3, 2000 Issue #26
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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Bah Millennium Humbug!

by Mike Banks Valentine

I just want to take this opportunity to say that I never did
believe that the Y2K bug was anything more than a dust mite.
There were those who would have us believe it was like the
coming of the locusts to destroy life as we know it. But when
my wife had dreams of nuclear Armageddon because of those
doom saying radio reports she heard and asked me did I really
think it was going to be alright, I had to draw the line.

So, I admit that we bought a case or two of bottled water
and a few canned goods . . . just in case the county water
works was down for a day and we had to have Dinty Moore by
candle light. It would be romantic and a little thrilling to
live by our wits as if from a scene out of Mad Max! Now I
have to actually eat that nasty canned stuff we bought.

I'll wager it's a good year for donations of canned goods to
charity drives as folks realize that they panicked over the
possibility of being cold, in the dark and hungry for a short
time. Something that countless people face on a daily basis.

If nothing else, this is a better time to reflect on how truly
lucky we really are. Those of us with the means to buy those
millennium bug infested computers that frightened us witless
are not likely to be attacked by anything worse than a disk
error or just possibly some faulty software.

My video player does think it's 1972, but I've never seen a
bad date cause such mass hysteria. I think the programmers
have all had one over on us, had a good laugh and gone back
to work creating some valuable software, instead of twiddling
with millions of line of old code to find out if it's 1900
or 2000.

I'd like to suggest that we use this opportunity to think
about those that must face each day cold, hungry and without
electricity or even shelter. Then donate the same amount of
energy that we put into worrying about failing computer chips
into helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

I know someone that developed a web site meant only to fret over
Y2K. They attended community meetings on the subject, stored
up a years worth of food and bought weapons to fight off
those who might attempt to take any of it away. I wonder how
much energy he will spend on the homeless and hungry now that
he is assured of surviving the millennium bug.


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