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January 17, 2000

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Reaching Great Minds Online
January 17, 2000 Issue #28
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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by Mike Banks Valentine

I am the proud new owner of a cable modem! It's a beautiful
little baby with flashing green eyes that indicate an average
500 KBps speed delivered on the same line as my cable TV. This
little rocket delivers information faster than my brand new 300
MHz computer can digest it! I've had it for three days and feel
as though my work speed has been shifted into hyperdrive!

Now I can download large software in a flash, see streaming
video and listen to internet radio while I work. Hoo boy is this

I've also noticed that I *expect* the speed now after three short
days of having lightning response at my fingertips, I am not
willing to wait the thirty to forty-five seconds for a web site
to load that I found normal only last week. If a site doesn't
load in less than five seconds, I find myself yelling "Come On!".

This got me thinking on several levels about the expectations
of the average surfer. It has become well known among webmasters
that you have a very short time to grab the attention of visitors
to your site. That means that you must first have a fast loading
site -- and only a small percentage of surfers have modem speeds
faster than 56k, a large percentage are still at 28,800. This
means that the site that takes longer than thirty seconds to load
over a 28,800 modem is doomed.

Once your page loads, you'd best have something good to offer
your visitors in the way of content or freebies. Another web
standard has become the giving away of free information or useful
tools to your visitors in order to keep them on your page long
enough to interest them in what you are selling.

I have not had television reception for over eight years now.
That's a long story in itself, but suffice it to say that it's
nothing short of shocking how television has evolved in that
time. I get the cable TV free with my internet cable modem or
I would still be without television reception by choice. I admit
to being a TV snob. I find it difficult to believe that anybody
watches network television for more than news. It makes me nuts
to watch movies on broadcast television because I can't pause it
or back up when I miss something like I can with videos.

For eight years now I've only seen broadcast television wben
visiting friends or staying in hotels while traveling. So now
I've tried watching some television again and have noticed that
the pace or "speed" of TV has grown dramatically shorter, faster
and more fragmented than when I stopped watching it in 1992.

You've got less time to catch anyone's attention in any medium,
and as my own experience with the new cable modem proves, it had
better be fast, good and worth my fragmented time or I'm just
gonna floor it and get outta here!


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Emergence of E-Learning - The Answer to Skills Boom!

The 1980s and the 90s saw an unprecedented growth of technology,
actively driven by users. Users acquired new skills, discovered
innovative uses, and helped shape the industry. The interplay of
technology and people led to emergence of a serious training
industry, that engaged in classroom delivery of training,
development of software, courseware, learning tools and online
delivery infrastructure, and promotion of innovative ways to make
training available to users.

People have retrained in new skill sets, attained
Industry-sponsored skill-certifications, and comfortably
transmigrated to new careers. The market has placed a high value
on employee skills and knowledge (the intellectual capital). The
corporate world has finally conceded that investment in employee
skills is strategic to profitability, growth and competitiveness.

We are witnessing a skills boom.

We usher into the new century with a challenge to provide
"training-on-the-go" -- quick, just-in-time, anytime, anywhere,
continuous, and incremental training in respect of fast-paced and
busy lifestyle.

Looking at available options, the traditional instructor-led
classroom-based training and self-paced video-/CD-based training
have served two useful purposes, i.e. established viability of
training business, and perfected the courseware and learning
software. But, these options are:
> impractical for "training-on-the-go" requirement, and
> uneconomical and cumbersome for organization-wide training.

Then, what is the answer to today's challenge?

E-LEARNING -- Web-based, online training! Thanks to ubiquity of
the Internet, e-Learning completely answers the challenge, and
allows continuous, incremental training for everyone -- job
seekers, busy professionals, and all of the employees in any

Deployment of e-Learning is technically simple and logistically
straightforward. The challenge, however, lies in breaking certain
barriers and getting buy-in from people. A successful e-Learning
deployment strategy relies on:

a. "Learning communities and peer support" to break the old
"mindset", and to overcome loneliness, monotony and lack of

b. "Facilitators and mentors" to assist in self-directed learning
and progress tracking, and

c. "Technologies for interaction and collaboration" to cement the
learning process throughout a learning organization.

See the Resource Box below for URL to full article. This
article traces the evolution of training industry, examines
available training options, proposes "e-Learning" as the
organization wide training solution, identifies challenges and
barriers, and suggests deployment strategies.

Next Article in series: "Organization-wide Deployment of
E-Learning: Success Strategies". Discusses details of
challenges, barriers, strategies for success, and economics of
deploying "e-Learning" at all levels organization wide.

Contributed by Anil K. Agrawal (
President, eVision Inc.(
Dedicated to e-Learning4Success For the Busy Professional!
Full Article:



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