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March 6, 2000

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Reaching Great Minds Online
March 6, 2000 Issue #34
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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Write Your Way to Success
by Mike Banks Valentine

What is your business? What do you know? Information sells.
Take note what is happening on the web. How-to manuals and
secrets to success are simply the knowledge of those who
have experience or insights into a topic. They write about
what they know. What do you know?

Do you see the proliferation of e-books, reports, articles
and ezines everywhere online? If you visit a successful or
soon-to-be-successful web site, I guarantee you that there
is a form in the first screen in which they ask for your
e-mail address in exchange for an ezine subscription or an
excerpt from their e-book or a free report.

Who is writing all of this material? It's the newest form
of calling card. There is always a signature line, otherwise
known as a "resource box" which lists the author's bio and
a link to their web site. We are all so starved for infor-
mation and hungry for more, that we will often visit the
web site of the author in order to learn more. We sign up
for their ezine, purchase their e-book or explore the site.

This is a recognized route to success which is detailed in
many of the best marketing materials available. There is a
reason that "everybody's doin' it" and that reason is that
it works to increase web site traffic, advertising revenue
and sales. Write about what you know and distribute it as
widely as possible.

Our guest article this week details a few great resources
for distributing your articles. For a more detailed view of
the subject, we highly recommend the e-book by Rick Beneteau
called eZineMoney. We have not found a better source online
for how to succeed on the internet. You can visit our site
for more details at or
just buy the book!
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Mike Banks Valentine is a self-employed entrepreneur online.
<a href="">Small business tutorial</a>
teaching the basic techniques of growing your company online.
<a href="">Free Articles</a>
Mike champions the cause of the true small business online.
<a href=""></a>


We are a proud member of the EZINE PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION,
the free organization dedicated to the needs of ezine
publishers. EPAI's goal is to give support and assistance
for all your publishing needs. Membership provides unlimited
resources for growth and development.

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************ HOT TIP! ************


Marketing and Advertising without testing is like
target practice with the lights off. You don't know if
you're hitting your target or just shooting blindly into
the wind like a mad man. So, you have to ask yourself
that famous Clint Eastwood question: "Do You Feel Lucky?"
I don't know about you, but I don't like to leave
things to chance. Especially not my future. I'm a
person who likes to be in control at all times.
I like to know where things are going and create
my own destiny. You really do have a choice:
You can do as the majority on the net do and
sit in front of your computer screen praying
that you'll make a sale... Or, you can take
matters into your own hands. You can grab your
advertising efforts by the ears and take command.

This is how you do it...

************ HOT TIP! ************


Copyright © 2000, Michael Werner,

In the last couple of years, IÕve come across an amazing, no-cost,
way to obtain great publicity for your company, Website, or organ-
ization. And all it takes is a little elbow power (or a few bucks
to hire a writer with same) and the information about where and how
to get the notice.

Today there are over 300,000 online newsletters and electronic
magazines (often called ÒezinesÓ for short) and the numbers grow
daily. They cover virtually any topic you can think of, ranging
from working at home to parenting to genealogy.

But hereÕs the biggest secret of all: most of them rely on outside
contributors for their information. In fact, many ezine publishers
are starving for quality content. Consequently, they need experts
(and you are an expert on something, arenÕt you?) to provide short
articles, tips, and advice to their readers. And weÕre not talking
major treatises or giant tomes here; most ezines publish articles
as short as a paragraph or two.

Usually, you wonÕt get paid a dime for your contribution. However,
because the publication will run your byline (which includes your
name, company, and address-either physical or cyber), youÕll end
up getting leads in the dozens or hundreds every time your article
runs. ThatÕs dozens or hundreds of new visitors to your shop,
Web site, or publication. For free.

So, just how do you go about finding ezines that want what you have
to contribute? Well, you can find and approach individual publishers
and offer your articles or tips. But thatÕs often time-consuming,
frustrating, and difficult. The single best approach is simply to
post your contribution to one of the growing number of free article
distribution services that are sprouting up across the Web. These
services are frequented by ezine publishers looking for content and
posting information about your article is the quickest way to get

Depending upon the individual service, you to post your article on
their site, set up an autoresponder (a reply service that sends your
article automatically to anyone who requests it; all without your
intervention), or include the article or information about it in an
online announcement service that they offer.

Here are my favorite places to announce your articles:

EzineArticles web site.
Provides an ezine and a web site with archived and autoresponder-
based articles. You can subscribe to the ÒE-ZineZ Article
Distribution DigestÓ at
You can find articles at . You can
submit article summaries to both the ezine and the web site.

Free Content ezine.
This ezine lets authors submit article summaries and publishers
list needs. The editor prefers article summaries, but recent
issues of the ezine have included complete works. To subscribe,
send a blank e-mail to:

IdeaMarketers web site.
A very thorough site. If youÕre looking for broad exposure, IÕd
make this one of your first stops. You actually post your complete
article to the site.

MediaPeak web site.
Provides free content to over 2,000 online publishers. The content
is distributed to publishers via an email service, to which you can
subscribe by sending a blank e-mail .
Submit complete articles and up to four-line taglines to either: or .
Articles are archived at the web site, .
The web site also has a content exchange section where publishers
announce their needs.

PublishInYours ezine.
Designed primarily for you to post complete articles. To subscribe,
send a blank e-mail to:

Web-Source web site.
You can submit your article reference, as long as itÕs in an auto-
responder, to the web site at the following: . You can
subscribe to and submit articles to the companion ezine, the ÒWriter
and Publisher Connection,Ó by sending a blank e-mail to: .

WriteBusiness web site.
In the ÒArticles ReprintÓ section.

Writers & Publishers Online ezine.
If youÕre a publisher with article needs, or an author with articles
you want to distribute to online publications, you can send a summary
of your needs to:

To subscribe to this excellent monthly publication, . I suggest subscribing first to
get a feel for a style of the publication and the format of your

Michael Werner is the former President and founder of two-time
INC. 500 company, InfoSource, Inc. He is currently the CEO of, a publisher of how-to, business, computing, and
Internet e-books and tools. You can subscribe to the companyÕs
award-winning, all original-content ezine, The DirtSmart Netpreneur,
weekly news and tools for the small enterprise and home-based
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Michael Werner,, LLC
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