What Can't Be Done Online?
March 13, 2000

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Reaching Great Minds Online
March 13, 2000 Issue #35
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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What Can't be Done Online?
by Mike Banks Valentine

O.K. I admit that title is a bit of hyperbole, but it seems
to be going that direction, doesn't it? WebSite101 has long
been an advocate of bringing *all* businesses, big and small
online. We have focused most of our energy on bringing the
home office online, assuring that mom and pop businesses get
their share of the internet pie.

Now the big boys have come to recognize that almost anything
and everything can be accomplished online and the world is
shrinking. Mom and pop, meet global business. Hewlett-Packard
has announced that they are leading us all toward eConnection.
Their television ads suggest the melding of every aspect of
our lives through the internet.

Imagine the possiblilities of linking online from your health-
care providers to your local paramedics through the internet.
Extrapolating from that point suggests linking to medical
records, health databases, family medical histories, DNA maps
and onward toward complete knowledge of *your* physical being.

The possible invasion of privacy seems nearly as immense as
the good to be done by these vast linkages of information. I
predict that the biggest debate to emerge this decade will be
how to preserve your privacy in the developing network of
databases which house some aspect of your lives.

Online advertiser DoubleClick got a giant dose of a bitter
reality pill when they attempted to merge two databases of
previously unlinked information. They have gathered infor-
mation on the online behavior and preferences of millions
of web surfers and thought they'd link that information to
a database of the physical addresses and telephone numbers
of those surfers. The resultant uproar stopped them cold.

People love convenience, but demand privacy.

I am a lover of technology, and as such, I've established
online accounts with banks, retail stores, virtual offices,
employers and virtual business partners that I've never met
in person. The majority of my income this year was derived
from virtual employment on projects. In order to gain that
business, I spread my qualifications and resume far and
wide over the web in publicly accessible databases.

The idea of providing that information to the world is just
short of horrifying to my wife. She has nothing to hide and
much to be proud of in her career and professional life, but
will not make it publicly accessible. This is a possible
stumbling block to the eConnection of the world. If you want
the convenience of universal information sharing, sort of
an "Open Source" of personal data, you have to agree to tell
the world everything.

Let's open the debate now in public forums online and off.
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1. Give the Subscriber a *Reason* to Subscribe

Several psychological studies have demonstrated
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request will greatly increase their chances of
compliance. And the reason doesn't even have to
be good! Amazingly, just using the word
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2. Really "Sell" the Content of Your Newsletter

People don't know whether your newsletter
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greatest, most informative newsletter in the
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Now, here's the key. You don't want to tell them
yourself "my newsletter is the best". No one
will believe you. The best way to let people
know how great you are is to have someone else
tell them for you!

You should get a testimonial or two about the
content of your newsletter and use this to "sell"
the content of your newsletter.

3. Provide an Incentive to Subscribe

How many people offer a free newsletter? No one
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What is *unique* about what you offer? If you tie
your subscription into being able to access
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Can you offer a free service? Can you offer a
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Generate curiosity in your potential subscriber.
People are inherently curious and it is painful
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subscribing to your newsletter is the only thing
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Now, let's put this all together. Here is an
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