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March 20, 2000

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Reaching Great Minds Online
March 20, 2000 Issue #36
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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Ask Me a Question at WebSite101
by Mike Banks Valentine

Anyone visiting WebSite101 will see a new feature we have
incorporated called "Ask Me" which is a service allowing you
to seek answers to online entrepreneur and ecommerce topics.
This week I'd like to post the best question received so far
(and the answer I gave) as an introduction to that new service.

Please consider visiting with your own questions and I'll try
my best to help you out with your online marketing and commerce



I'm Looking to promote a medical job search site, online.
What would be the best way to advertise on the web and how
do I get venture capital interest?


The very first task that web promoters begin with is market
research. When I saw your post, I went to my favorite search
engine and typed "medical jobs" into the search box. What I
found was startling. One company has the top spots because
they own over ONE HUNDRED FIFTY domain names! Take a look at

This gives them the opportunity to absolutely *own* top ranking
in the search engines due to a search engine criteria called
link relevancy. Since ALL of these one hundred fifty sites are
cross linked, and they have the ability to rate first with every
single search engine from at least one related search term.

If it were my task to gain a portion of this particular market,
the first thing I'd do is seek partnership with this company and
get your own site(s) cross linked to theirs!

Any worthwhile venture capital firm will perform due diligence in
researching *your* idea and will come up with the same results.
Someone else got there first and absolutely controls the search
engines and your idea.

You'd best come up with some dramatic ideas to convince investors
that you can generate income and dominate this market. On the
other hand, if those domains all belong to you, congratulations
on a brilliant move! Your online success is one step closer!
If you'd like a great resource for Venture Capital, visit
these two sites: (beginning March 20) (extensive web resources and book)

Good luck!

Mike Banks Valentine


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What Frogs and Soap Can Do For Your Business!
by Mike Jones

Ideas, ideas, ideas - the lifeblood of any business. Stay in
one position too long and you are dead! Today's market place
requires constant change, new angles, different products,
fresh presentations, original advertising slogans. But how
do you get them?

You can spend thousands of dollars paying the pros to
deliver slick advertising slogans. You can pay web site
designers generous fees for original designs. But how many
small business owners have that kind of budget? The
alternative is to use an extremely valuable piece of
apparatus which right now is as close to you as close can
be. What? Your brain!

The human brain is a constant source of amazement to
scientists. Each of the 10 billion neurons has a possibility
of making connections to the number of 1 with 28 zeros after
it. So the total number of connections which can be made
through electro-chemical processes is pretty well limitless.
Regular thought patterns form channels in the mind, much
like a path formed through frequent pedestrian traffic
across a field. This has benefits. We don't have to
deliberate about every minor decision every day. However,
there is a danger! If our thinking falls into ruts when
considering important areas of our lives and business, our
creativity is stifled.

The good news is this: You do not have to be a genius to
come up with creative ideas, break out of the rut and start
thinking "outside the box". You just need to kick start your
brain by providing outside stimuli to get it to think in
ways it hasn't before. This can be accomplished by
associating totally unrelated subjects together and
observing what reactions come from the fusion!

This method, applied to our business can be a fertile source
of ideas. Let's do a little exercise to illustrate.
Supposing you need fresh ideas, words, phrases, for an
advertising campaign.

Choose any word at random. For the exercise we will use the
word FROG. Even better, get a picture of one. Now start
writing furiously on a clear sheet of paper anything and
everything that comes into your mind to do with frogs.

Here goes:

green, slimy, jump, legs, leap, croak, tad poles,
metamorphosis, reeds, water, bull, tree, wide-mouth, eyes,
smell, slippery, cold, kermit, spawn, eggs, jelly.

You could take one of those words and explore further:
Legs - long, jointed, tasty, delicacy, spring, fold.
Mindmapping is an excellent tool for this kind of exercise.
Get information here:

Now you look at your advertising subject. Are you selling
software? Then start making some connections:

Leap frog your business with -------

Jump ahead of the competition! Get -------------

Blow your competition out of the water with -----

Spring load your business using -----------------

STOP business slipping through your fingers with this!

Just keep on cranking out phrases until you have a heap.
Then? Boil them all down to the best ten, best five. Then
start testing them until you find the winner! OK, so most of
them will bomb! But then again, one, and you only need one,
could just skyrocket! Often it happens without any logical
explanation. Sometimes you come up with a real slick idea
which gets nowhere. Other times a seemingly mediocre slogan
takes off! Can anyone explain that? No. So testing is
essential to success.

Let's take another direction and apply the same idea to web
site design. Do you want to change the look of your site? Do
you have reasonable computer skills so you can save yourself
a large fee and at the same time produce a professional
looking site? Good. But what theme to use? How can you be

Take another word at random, SOAP, or again a picture if you
have one from a glossy magazine. Let's start listing every
word we can think of to do with soap:

Flakes, scent, pink, white, marble, skin, bubbles, soft,
round, square, gentle, perfume, liquid, toilet, bathroom,
sink, bottle, creamy, model, block, water, wash, towel, bar.

Now, do any of those words give you ideas for texture,
color, shape? For an interesting navigation bar, could you
incorporate some different shapes based on bars of soap?

The idea of bubbles has much potential. Links in bubbles,
different size bubbles according to importance of the link.
Could an attractive picture of a model help present a
feature of the site? Could a liquid dispenser bottle be used
in a graphic in some way?

After thinking carefully on these lines you could come up
with a very original, slick, attractive design for a web
site or whatever project you are working on.

So back to our title - What Frogs and Soap Can Do For Your
Business! No, these are not the ramblings of a crank! These
ideas are used by big companies who have millions of dollars
set aside for advertising. Check out a resource book on this

Why not mimic the big boys and do a little creative thinking
yourself? Sit down with a sheet of paper and turn on that
amazing thinking apparatus between the ears - your brain!

You will be amazed at the effect on your business!

For goal achievement get The High Achievers Journal:
The Amazing Formula WILL affect your business. Find out how:






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