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April 10, 2000

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Reaching Great Minds Online
April 10, 2000 Issue #39
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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Search Engine Resources Now!
by Mike Banks Valentine

Last week I was the featured guest in a "Grassroots Internet
Marketing" chat where an impressive list of Search Engine
Resources was gathered. Most folks want to know these links
at one time or another. I'm going to make this issue into a
list of valuable search engine links and resources.

So without further ado: - A resource for researching search terms
to use for your own metatags - Another resource for researching
search terms -
a search engine overview - a sample doorway page - a sample redirection page - a valuable search engine you must be in - a search engine which allows you to pay for
high listings on your keywords - another pay-for-results Search Engine - and another -
search term research tool - new, fast, exhaustive search engine! - an important directory and results
provider to other search engines. - a service for increasing your link
relevancy and showing up higher in search results - a new search engine. Fast and accurate.

That oughta keep you busy for awhile!


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IP addresses or getting a DNS number for a web site
domain name (that number you sometimes see as a web
address) Here's one to try:
I'll bet you recognize it instantly. ;-) MBV

While we're at it, how about a tool to find out who
owns the domain name you wanted for your business?
This will give you the name and contact information
for the people that may sell you *your* name back!

************ COOL TOOL! ************


"How to research the subject of your next book or article"
Part 2

by Greg Spence


In part 1 of this two-part series we looked at how to use
the major search engines to perform your research more
effectively. If you missed that article you can get it from
our website at .

In this article we will take a look at other research
resources you can use.

Use specialist search engines

Another way of making your online time more effective is
to find a specialist search engine dedicated to your
subject area.

Again you can begin your search on the AskJeeves site . Let's assume you were
writing about business opportunities on the Net and you
wanted to find a search engine that will search only those
types of sites. On the AskJeeves page you could get this
information by asking the question

"Where can I find a business opportunity search engine?"

You will not need to enter the quote marks. Of course you
should replace "business opportunity" with the subject
you are interested in.

AskJeeves will return all of the search engines dedicated
to your topic. You can then visit these specialist engines
and perform your searches there. A great place to start!

To help you with your research, we have compiled a list of
useful sites which you can see on our website at . This list is updated
approximately monthly.

Specialist Subject Sites

There are many sites on the web dedicated to a single
subject. You may find many of them from an AskJeeves
search and on the major search engines. Two places to
look at immediately are:

The BBC Webguide - Find websites appropriate to your

Research a wide range of subjects at Beaucoup

Keep an eye on the News

A good place to learn about your subject can be from
newspapers, magazines and trade periodicals many of
which have an online presence.

Try these two sites:

The Internet Public Library

Online magazines at The Electronic Newsstand

Network with other online authors and publishers

Email lists, forums and Newsgroups can also be good
places to ask questions specific to your topic. To narrow
down the places specific to your subject try these two

A comprehensive list of Forums and Mailing lists

Another site for Mailing lists, Forums and Newsgroups

and if they are not enough how about Ezines. A good
place to start is . I also produce a
bi-weekly Ezine called !Get Published! which covers
topics similar to this one.

Subscription is FREE at


Hopefully you are now a little wiser where to start looking
to research that next book or article. In future articles we
will look at each of these resources in more detail and
show you how you can use them to save time.

Greg Spence
Author, "How to Search the Internet and Find the
Information You Need....Ten Times Faster"
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