Traffic Triggers Advertising
April 24, 2000

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Reaching Great Minds Online
April 24, 2000 Issue #41
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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Traffic Triggers Advertising!

by Mike Banks Valentine

Gaining advertisers for your web site is always an important
goal for new webmasters. You'll need substantial traffic to
support your ads. Once you've increased your site traffic to
a significant level and can deliver about 10,000 pageviews
per month to advertisers, it's time to go in search of
sponsors for your newly sprouting little site.

New webmasters often install counters on their pages hoping
for high traffic to dazzle the world, but end up dissappointed
with the number of hits to their pages. Things really start
to heat up when you can regularly see between three to five
hundred visits a day. But don't be fooled by those web stats
folks, there's a major difference between "hits" and "unique

The number of hits and number of visitors are very different
numbers. Hits is determined by the number of files loaded from
the server. If your page has 5 graphics files in jpg or gif
format, a banner from an affiliate program, the html file and
a counter -- then that is, in it's simplest terms, 8 "hits"
to your site or page. Only one visitor triggers those hits,
so your ratio of hits to visitors is 8 to 1.

You'll find that when banner placements are made that most
advertisers require a particular number of "Unique Visitors"
to your page, usually in the range of 10,000 per month. With
the 8:1 ratio, that's 80,000 hits!

The number of visitors and hits are determined by your "server
logs" and it will require software to organize and make sense
of the raw server logs data.

Many service providers and web hosts will provide that software
to their customers for use as part of their fees or benefits of
membership. If your host doesn't provide a traffic analyzing
package, you must install one yourself and that requires access
to your hosts cgi-bin and setting permissions through the server
(if you are allowed and if you know how).

If that is something you can do yourself then it is the only way
to monitor and track your traffic outside of free programs that
use javascript to do the same task for you. There are several
of those available for free and some paid services to monitor
your site traffic for you. The free services display banner ads
on your results pages in order to pay for the service. Some of
these allow anyone to look at your traffic by clicking on the
logo you must display on your page.

Web stats are usually not public unless the site is trying to
attract advertising publicly.

Banner placement companies like Flycast and 24/7 media

are two places to check into if you want to know the necessary
numbers to sell banner ad space. You must have a reliable method
of tracking your traffic and then must share that information
with them. Once they begin advertising on your site, they
implement a tracking program of their own to determine how
often their banners are shown on your site.

If your idea is to "cheat" the banner companies, it won't work.
Generating solid traffic is the only way to do well with banner
advertising because of relatively low "Click through rates" of
less than 1% of visitors who see them. If your site generates
10,000 pageviews and one percent of those visitors click on
your advertisers banners that translates to 100 "click-throughs"
for the advertisers and then possibly one or two sales for the

With those kind of results, your list of willing advertisers
will be small. Traffic of between 75,000 and 100,000 unique
visitors brings them to your door. Before that point you'll
need to actively seek very targeted advertisers for your site
so that you can deliver very interested and highly motivated
buyers for the sponsoring advertiser.

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Killer Copy: Words That Are Like Magnets to Money

By David Garfinkel

I'll never forget what my accountant said five years ago when
he saw the ad I wrote for my services: "How many scotches did
you drink before you wrote this?"

He was kidding about the scotch. But he just couldn't believe
anyone in their right mind would write such a bold and outrageous
ad for their own writing, consulting and speaking services,
as I had.

Well, I spent $300 on that ad -- $200 to run it in a local trade
association directory, and $100 to have it reprinted as a flyer.

The following year, that $300 ad turned into $12,341 in new
business for me. And the $12,341 from the ad was just a tiny
fraction of my total business that year.

Why did I make so much money myself while there were so many
thousands of "starving writers" in the world? The answer may
surprise you. You see, it's not because I'm a better writer.
It's not my schooling. Not my resume. Not any talent I was
born with.

It's all because I learned how to write "killer copy."

How do you write killer copy?

Start with an emotion-packed opening statement that will get
the attention of your reader. Examples:

a) "Take the luxury vacation of your dreams at a reduced cost
because of this special offer" (from a travel agency's letter
to business owners.)

b) "How to stop overwhelm before it stops you" (from a personal
coach's ad aimed at stressed-out overachievers)

c) "Why almost every financial statement in family court may
not disclose the full net worth of the opposing spouse"
(from an investigator's sales letter to divorce lawyers.)

Then, after your emotion-packed opening statement, you just

1. Make a promise
2. Back it up with convincing proof and
3. Ask for action.

Many people say writing killer copy is the single most valuable
money-making skill in the world. And recently, writing copy was
named as one of the top 10 emerging professions for the new

It doesn't surprise me. These days, the traditional advertising
industry is feeling a lot of pressure for ads that really produce
results. Old-style advertising that entertains, but does not sell,
almost never produces sales results. And clients of ad agencies
won't put up with no results any more.

Recently I heard from my former accountant.(A few years ago,
he left accounting to start a new business.)

He asked me if I wouldn't mind sharing some ideas on how he could
write killer copy for his own business.

I said sure. And now he's on his way to doing the same thing
that I do, for himself.

Funny thing about the conversation we had the other day. Unlike
the conversation we had back in 1995, he didn't kid me about
drinking scotch, or anything else. Maybe he finally realized
that when it comes to increasing your income, killer copy is
serious business.

2000 David Garfinkel. All rights reserved. David Garfinkel
is widely recognized by many "marketing gurus" as their secret
weapon. That is, he is known as "The World's Greatest Copywriting
Coach"; because, he can, like no other, teach you how to turn
words into cash. David is also the author and narrator of Killer
Copy Tactics, the Web's first and only totally interactive
audio/visual learning system for writing killer sales copy.
You can learn more about this course at:




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