Promoting in Two Markets
May 1, 2000

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Reaching Great Minds Online
May 1, 2000 Issue #42
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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Promoting to Multiple Markets?
by Mike Banks Valentine

Publishing your own ezine has become an excepted web marketing
standard for increasing traffic and visibility. I'm often asked
how to increase circulation of newly launched ezines and have
put together a short list of techniques to help the fledgling
publisher grow her list.

1) Visit a list of 28 ezine
directories with links that take you directly to the submission
pages. This is only a beginning of a vast number of directories
in which you can list your ezine to help increase exposure and
circulation. There is also a page with other valuable resources
for ezine publishers like a one outlining available list distri-
bution software and another
covering list hosts at .

2) Engage in discussion lists and attempt to post to large lists.
This is an invaluable tool to boost your subscribers if you post
helpful and intelligent responses to discussed topics. No
matter what you do, if people like your post, they'll go to your
site (of course you *always* use a signature line on your posts)
and they'll sign up for your newsletter, to get more of your

3) Whatever you do, don't let the small circulation of a list
make you think it isn't worth the effort. Do your best! You
never know who's a subscriber, you will always get subscribers
forwarding particularly good articles to friends. I've been
startled at the high level corporate types that show up on my
distribution list, even though it is targeted at the small
business owner.

4) If there were one thing I'd recommend above all, it would
be the attempt to get press in large publications. The
usual method is through sending press releases. The trick is
sending a press release that'll be paid attention to. If the
topic of your ezine ever makes it into the news, qucikly
draft a great press release tying your ezine to the story and
write about it in your ezine! Website101 was profiled
in Entrepreneur Magazine because they picked up our release
on our Small Business Internet Tutorial.

Here are a few press release services to get you started.

they each have tutorials about how to write creative and news-
worthy releases that get picked up and used.

5) Post your articles to your web site following publication
and submit these pages to the search engines! This method
increases your visibility by up to 44% and brings you new
subscribers from the search engines!

The main thing to remember is that it takes a long time and
intense tenacity to gain traffic and increase the circu-
lation of the ezine. Once it reaches a critical mass of about
1000 subscribers, you'll start attracting advertisers and more
traffic and your list will grow steadily without so much work
on your part.

I'm assuming, of course, that the techniques used to get you
to the 1k mark are still being used. I've established a free
tutorial sent via autoresponder and use that and my list
subscription email in my signatures.

I've promoted the list very little for weeks at a time but
numbers keep growing steadily due to the techniques above and
the contest I offer on my front page. Most of my subscriptions
come from the short course autoresponder.

It varies based on articles run in other ezines and whether
any of the "big boys" pick up articles, but the autoresponder
just keeps churning out new subscribers due to the popularity
of the short course.

I'm already listed in the ezine directories, I just need to keep
the the subscriber numbers updated regularly.

Don't give up, but do have patience. It's worth it ... eventually.


Mike Banks Valentine operates WebSite101 Short Course, Small
Business Internet Tutorial

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Top Ten Ways to Support Someone in Being Their Best

by Michael Angier

One of the greatest responsibilities we have is to support
ourselves and others in living at our highest and best. Whether
we're parents, partners, friends or leaders, it's incumbent upon
us to help others to live as close to their unique potential as
we can.

With everything we say and do, we're influencing—positively or
negatively—the people we care about. The ideal is to do this with
consideration and intention. Here are ten ways you can help
others see and realize the best that's within them.

1. Believe in Them
We all have self-doubts from time to time. Our confidence is
shaken. We lack the faith in our talents and skills to go for an
important promotion or launch a new initiative. Having someone
believe in you at these times is priceless. The stories of great
men and women are saturated with examples of someone who believed
in them even when they didn't fully believe in themselves.

2. Encourage Them
"You can do it." "I know you can." These are words that are
all-too-infrequently voiced. Sincere encouragement can go a long
way in helping someone stay the course. The more specific you
are, the better the results. "I remember when you got through
your slump last year and ended up winning the sales contest. I'm
willing to bet that you'll do even better this time."

3. Expect a Lot
We're often told not to get our hopes up. We're encouraged to
have REALISTIC expectations. But when it comes to helping others
operate at their best, we sometimes have to up-level our
expectations. This can be taken to extremes, but there are many
times when a teacher, a parent or even a boss has required more
of us than we thought we were capable. And we've risen to the
challenge which enabled us to see further than before.

4. Tell the Truth
And tell it with compassion. We often avoid telling the hard
truth because we don't want to upset anyone. We want to be NICE.
But telling the truth is a loving act. You may be the only person
who can or will say to another what needs to be said. And you can
confront someone without being combative. See Top Ten Ways to
Confront Without Being Combative.

5. Be a Role Model
One of the best ways we influence is by our own actions. Who we
are speaks much more loudly than what we say. Don't think that
people aren't watching you. They are. And they're registering
everything about you consciously and unconsciously. We
automatically emulate our role models. And we're ALL role models
to someone so let's be good ones.

6. Share Yourself
Too often, we miss the value of sharing our failings. We don't
want to be vulnerable so we hold back. In doing so, we deprive
others of our experience, our learning and our humanity. When you
share from your own experience—especially your failures—you
increase empathy, you're more approachable and you increase your
relatability to others.

7. Challenge Them
The word "challenge" has some negative connotations. The meaning
we're using here is, "a test of one's abilities or resources in a
demanding but stimulating undertaking." We all need to be
challenged from time to time. Doing it for another is an art
form. Go too far and it will backfire. Go too easy and you will
appear patronizing. Remind people of their commitment to being
their best and state your challenge. "I challenge you to overcome
these unimportant opinions and get on with the real task at hand,
get the job done, make the commitment, etc."

8. Ask Good Questions
A good therapist or coach doesn't tell their clients what to do.
They ask good questions in order for the client to understand
themselves better, to get clear on what the issue is and from
there to make good choices. You can do the same. By asking
elegant questions, you cause people to think and come up with
solutions. They'll appreciate it. Gary Lockwood has a good
article about this called Asking Intelligent Questions with

9. Acknowledge Them
You find what you're looking for. If you're looking for the best
in someone, you'll see it. If you're looking for their failings,
you'll see those. Catch people doing things right and tell them.
When we acknowledge the good deeds of others, they tend to do
more of them. Write a note. Send a card. Give them a call. Praise
them in front of others.

10. Spend Time with Them
We love what we give our time to. By devoting your most precious
resource (time) to another individual, you're showing them that
you truly value them and your relationship with them. Invest time
in your relationships; it's what life is made of.

Copyright 2000 Michael E. Angier, used with permission.

Michael Angier is the founder and president of Success Networks
International, publishers of SUCCESS STRATEGIES, INSIGHT and
SUCCESS DIGEST. Success Net is an association committed to
helping people to be more knowledgeable, productive and
effective. Their mission is to inform, inspire and empower people
to be their best—personally and professionally. Free
subscriptions, memberships, books and SuccessMark™ Cards are
available at
Dawn Angier - Success Networks International, publishers of
association dedicated to informing, inspiring and empowering
people to be their best--personally and professionally.




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