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July 17, 2000

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Reaching Great Minds Online
July 17, 2000 Issue #53
Mike Valentine, Editor,

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Tightly Target Your Online Advertising Efforts
by Mike Banks Valentine

It is possible to advertise in extremely targeted markets even
down to a very small city if you know about portal sites and
directories as well as ezines which target specific geographic
areas or countries.

Portal and directory sites often focus on a single topic with a
very narrow audience, which allows you to find low-cost
advertising with exposure only to your targeted market.

As a web professional I work with people around the world,
but pay particular attention to local directories and portals
within my geographic region knowing that many clients like to
work with someone that they can meet face to face and talk
with in person.

If you visit my home page at you will
note that I have two local directory links on the bottom of my
page. This is of interest only to people who live in my area
north of San Francisco. I've listed my site and descritpion of
services with those local portals that also offer banner
advertising to local businesses. This way, only local clients
would see any advertising placed on these sites. It is
available to the world, but mostly local folks go to those

If you want to target a particular industry, topic or subject
within a small region, you can find these portal sites in most
communities online. Find local businesses in your subject or
target area and see if they have ezines or newsletters sent
out by email. If so, they will very likely offer advertising at a
reasonable rate. But because the audience is very targeted,
your response rates will be much higher. You must clearly
understand your target market in order to take advantage of
these advertising opportunities.

Good luck with your advertising campaign!


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By Paul Siegel copyright 2000

The Internet is a new phenomenon. It's radically different
from all phenomena of the past. The Internet is NOT a highway
for cruising. It's NOT a beach for surfing. It's NOT a medium
for advertising. It's NOT a library for reading. The Internet
is a dynamic, chaotic, living, thriving, growing, learning
society. A NEW society.

Discover the essence of a society and you'll realize the type
of marketing philosophy that will bring you success.

Marketing Philosophy

The essence of the old Industrial Society was this:


Typically, a manufacturer would set the pace. First he would
produce a forecast of the future demand for widgets. Then he'd
prepare a plan of how many widgets to build and sell and to
whom to sell. This would set the stage for mass production,
mass advertising, mass distribution, and mass selling.

The favored Industrial-Age marketing philosophy revolved around
products. This product marketing was highly manipulative. We
played on people's emotions and insecurities in order to make
them want products they did not need.

The essence of the new Learning Society is this:


On the Internet, no one is boss. It is a thoroughly
decentralized system. Each individual has a voice. Anybody
can send messages to anybody. We all have "printing presses."
Individuals can find out anything about vendors. It's easy
to make comparisons. The power of the individual consumer
is rising exponentially.

The favored Learning-Society marketing philosophy should
revolve, not around products, but people.

People Marketing

True enough, there has been a definite trend toward people
marketing. This is demonstrated by two recent best sellers:

They say: Instead of product marketing, do relationship marketing.
Instead of market research, do customer research. Form relationships
with individuals. Through 1 to 1 dialogue, learn about their needs
and supply them. Find out who are your best customers and lavish
attention on them. Take advantage of data base systems to maintain
the 1 to 1 dialogue.

concerned about advertising. He calls it interrupt marketing
because it interrupts the consumer in whatever he's doing. He
advises: Don't advertise relentlessly. First interrupt mildly
to get permission to send messages. Then send sales literature.

Although the techniques presented in these books are a vast
improvement over old-fashioned marketing, neither is fully
in sync with the new society. Both still depend on manipulative
approaches to influence the consumer.

Helpfulness Marketing Principles

If you recognize that the individual is in charge, you'll stop
all manipulation. How then do you get the visitor to do business
with you? By helping him. By helpng him learn. By helping him
make his own decisions.

Helpfulness brings the visitor to your site. Helpfulness makes
him a client. Helpfulness keeps him loyal.

The three major principles that form the foundation for
Helpfulness Marketing are:

LEARNING - Because the Internet is constantly changing, we
all must be constantly learning. And the best way to be
helpful to visitors is to offer learning experiences.

COOPERATION - Competition will always be with us. But one
of the best ways to get visitors to your site is through
cooperation. In this vast network, all of us need help.
You help other vendors; they'll help you.

*COMMUNITY - By getting a group of people with similar
interests and concerns communicating with each other,
you may achieve credibility, trust, loyalty - and profit-
improvement ideas.

An advanced form of community is the NETWORK, which is set
up in a manner where members, not only communicate ideas,
but work together for common goals.

Each of the above principles is discussed in one of the
subsequent articles in this series. The last in the series
is devoted to NETWORKS.

Paul Siegel is founder of


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