I Know I'm In Heaven!
February 26, 2001

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Reaching Great Minds Online
February 26, 2001 Issue #78
Mike Valentine, Editor,


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Spiritual Approach to Business
by Mike Banks Valentine

I've recently completed an extensive training course to become
a Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht) in a program that emphasizes
a connection between everything we think, say or do in spiritual
terms. I'd like to suggest that there is a kind of Zen of business
at work in every aspect of our business lives as well. Those that
approach their business life with spiritual zest and a driven
faith that they will succeed will very often find themselves at
the top of market in their chosen fields.

The firm belief and understanding that you KNOW this is what you
are supposed to be doing with your life is something that business
giants possess far more often than the rest of the working world.
There are secretaries that realize this early in their career.
These are the secretaries that become Executive Assistant and
Corporate Executive Secretary. They think they are in Heaven.

Janitors that KNOW end up being Building Superintendents and
Maintenance Engineers running sprawling office complexes, twenty
story buildings and shopping centers with a staff of janitors
and facilities engineers working for them and believe they are
in Heaven.

There are those that KNOW when it comes to business principles
that they are intended to operate small businesses. This type of
entrepreneur has an innate sense of how to make a business run
smoothly and effortlessly with unmatched joy and spirited energy.
These masters of success are living in Business Heaven.

Those that KNOW are to be envied and studied so we can learn
the path to business enlightenment ourselves. Now let's return
to my opening and the Hypnotherapy Training. In working with
clients struggling with difficult personal issues, phobias,
addictions and past traumas during my training I watched in
awe as they reach a KNOWING about their issue that finally
helps them to conquer their demons and make meaningful change.

I've determined that this KNOWING can be found and nurtured
for business success as well. We all have the capacity, the
intuition and the resources to acheive entrepreneurial nirvana
if we only have the *desire* to reach into ourselves and find
it. I may even develop my own love of small business into a
"Business Success" and "Financial Prosperity" hypnosis practice.
The ability to call upon our own resources from deep inside is
nothing short of magical when done while in hypnosis.

The course I completed can be seen in an ad we run regularly
below for the Alchemy Institute of Healing Arts hypnotherapy
training school. I had no intention of actually becoming a
hypnotherapist when I began the course in trade for work in
marketing their web site.

The course is a highly recommended method of profound personal
transformation. But once I saw the healing and personal growth
that came for myself and all my fellow classmates, (ach of us
have done hundreds of hours of "practice" hypnosis sessions on
fellow classmates). I am sure I will use it to help others.

Even if it's only to convince others of their own ability to
be successful in web business. We are all being hypnotized by
mass media to believe that the internet is a failure when in
fact there are literally millions of us working profitably
online. I KNOW that I'm in Heaven. ^j^

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Minimize Your Office And Equipment Start-Up Costs
by Maria Stefanova

When you set up your office area you have to consider clients,
suppliers, family, neighbors and yourself. The balance is easy to
achieve when you keep in mind the double function your home has
from now on: a home and an office. Below I outline the baby-steps
that will help you to achieve this balance.

Define your work area

This is the first step on your path to success. If you don't have
a defined work area, a place that says to you "While You Are
Here, You Are At Work!", then you will probably stumble in a lot
of distractions and by the end of the day you will be surprised
with how little you have done. You should not limit your idea of
work area to space only. Consider time dimensions, too. Your
coach could be your office, if your family knows that you are
working and not sleeping, petting the cat or watching TV.

You should always keep in mind your cost. If defining your area
means drywall, purchasing that awesome coach and a new carpet,
then you'd better reconsider. Your business will be pretty slow
for the first few months, so you'd better save that money for
promotion and to secure your basic expenses.

Equip it

Equipment is always a two-sided issueÑyou have to keep your costs
at a minimum and at the same time you have to be professional and
not to look "cheap".

The first place to start cutting your costs is furniture. Think
classic, think second-hand, and think professional use! Don't
fall for that brand-new filling cabinet for "home use"Ñit is
likely to become outdated very soon and fall apart just when you
need it. You will be better off with a comfortable second-hand
chair, table and filling cabinet that were actually used and
proved to be sturdy enough.

Now, let's look at the "tools". In most of the cases they
constitute of your computer, keyboard, mouse, printer and your
website. It is my personal observation that the most sensitive
pieces of equipment are the mouse and the keyboard, so I would
recommend that you consider the best quality for these two. Your
monitor is also very important, but I've found that you don't
need Sony in order to feel comfortable and keep your eyes
healthy. A good alternative is CTX.

Finally, let's look at your website. Your website is your store-
front and here, you'll have to go an extra mile in order to
create a good first impression. If you can afford it, I would
recommend that you hire a professional web designer. However, if
money is tight, there are various alternatives that will help you
to create a professional image. One of my favorites is BigStep
( ) that will help you to create your site
in several easy steps. Another good source is Working Solo
( ) and the SCORE program
( ) that offers free consulting for over 500
categories. Once you have your website ready to be published, you
should think about finding a host for it and securing your own
domain name. InterNIC lists the major ISP providers here
( ).
There are some very good solutions:

offers 200 MB of web space for $200 upfront without Any Monthly
Fees. This is a good deal, especially if you plan to keep in
business for at least a year.

you can secure your business name
for free (the free service comes with a navigation bar) or
upgrade to the deluxe version.

Think about safety

This section includes anything that may jeopardize your businessÑ
from word of mouth that a customer tripped in a toy and broke her
neck to a costly lawsuit for damages. Don't dismiss any of these
possibilities and research carefully how to insure and protect
your business.

Finally, I wish you success with your newborn business!


Maria Stefanova is the owner of LG Software
(, a company which aims to make SAT, GRE
and GMAT preparation more easy, funny and effective, of course!



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