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April 16, 2001

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Reaching Great Minds Online
April 16, 2001 Issue #85
Mike Valentine, Editor,

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It's Time to Get Respectable!
by Mike Banks Valentine

Count the times you have seen those ads online screaming,
You start to reach for the mouse to click that banner and
your common sense kicks in to tell you, "Calm down now,
there are only a dozen search engines that really matter!"
Then just as you overcome the desire for easy money and
free riches, you spot another banner offering "We'll submit
your site to the Top Search Engines for $49.00!" Yes - well,
there are those that may do that for you, but it won't help.

All the extreme noise and excessive hype surrounding what are
the bare necessities of internet marketing has noisily
drowned out the calm, quiet voices of the folks that can
actually do you any good. The serious, working professionals
that truly understand what it takes to gain *quality* traffic
for your web site. Search engine optimizers, permission email
marketers, traffic analysis experts and community building
software companies have been painted with a haze of guilt and
shame due to the hyperbole that has smeared the name of Web
Marketers -- until now.

Clearly it's time for serious marketing professionals to get
some respectability by forming a professional organization
requiring high ethical standards and providing best practices
guidelines to establish certification criteria for members.

The World Association of Internet Marketers (WAIM) held an
organizing meeting on April 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada during the
first annual U.S. "Internet Marketing Strategy Days", one of
three events held worldwide by the fledgling organization.
Event organizer and WAIM interim president Lennart Svanberg
of Stockholm, Sweden arranged the international cast of
presenters and workshop leaders for the first U.S. event.
Svanberg and Swedish partner Axel Josefson of
held their first Internet Marketing conference in Stockholm
and a follow-up event in Copenhagen last year.

Web marketing expert Jim Wilson of Wilson Internet participated as a conference speaker
and moderator during the three day long event as the U.S.
representative and honorary lifetime founding member of WAIM.
Referring to his longtime interest in technology and now the
web Wilson quipped, "I've been wearing a propeller beanie since
1965." He has built an arsenal of valuable webmaster tools
that have become well known by respected internet marketers
for their value to the web marketing industry.

Web luminaries attending and speaking at the conference and
participating in the launch of WAIM included attorney Jonathan
Cohen, ICANN board member (Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers) and Detlev Johnson, moderator of I-Search
marketing discussion list and VP of Position Technology.

Representatives from Inktomi,,, FindWhat
and The Open Directory Project addressed the assembled group
of web marketing professionals at the event providing
valuable insights into effective web marketing techniques while
attendees gathered good information on the latest technology.
Included was a new piece of hardware dedicated to what has been
dubbed "Packet Sniffing," a technology that is not only claimed
to efficiently analyze and track traffic upstream of the server,
but apparently increase server efficiency and use of resources.

The event was sparsely attended, as have been all DotCom
conferences so far this year, but those who braved the clanging
slot machines and elderly retirees wandering the Casino were
rewarded with some excellent advice and valuable networking
opportunities with fellow marketing professionals. Business
cards changed hands at a record pace and partnerships were
established between complimentary businesses while software
to power site search and forums was discussed in the foyer.

Organizers Svanberg and Josefson are looking forward to hosting
the next U.S. version of their conference at the same venue in
2002 and hope to have firmly established the clout of the World
Association of Internet Marketers by then. Membership can be
applied for by visiting and going
to the WAIM Public Forum for updates and contact information or
by contacting Lennart Svanberg by email at:

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Instant Traffic Using Expired Domains
2001 by Wayne Ford,

Every day thousands of domains 'expire' and are put back
into the pool of available domains that anyone can register.
They can be very valuable if you are looking for a quality
domain for your online business, or if you want to re-sell
them for profit. But wait! There is another huge advantage
to a domain that was previously owned -- Instant Traffic!

As I said above, expired domains have all been owned by
someone in the past. Many of these previous owners built
Websites for these domains, advertised them, registered them
with search engines, and even exchanged links with other
sites. All translating into traffic to that domain name.

Now, why would someone who took the time to do all that work
let the domain expire? It could be one of several reasons:

* the author simply lost interest
* an online venture ran out of funding
* poor management of the domain
* they couldn't afford the fees

Whatever the reason, it happens. And you can reclaim some of
the wasted traffic and use it to your advantage. You can
either point it to your existing site or use it to jumpstart
and add value to a new site.

How do you know if an expired domain has traffic?

While there is no way to gauge the actual amount of traffic
going to an expired domain, you can find out its link
popularity in the major search engines. This will tell you
the number of Web pages listed in a particular search engine
that link to that domain. The more links, the higher link
popularity and the more traffic that domain is getting (in
some search engines, the higher ranking, too).

A free online tool to help you find the link popularity of
an individual domain at five top search engines can be found

Another way I recently discovered is to use this powerful
software program called Popular Domains. Among other
features, it allows you to import a list of expired domains
and automatically check the link popularity of each one. To
learn more about it, check out

As you can see, this can be an affordable way to gain
instant traffic to your site. Be nice, though, and do not
abuse this technique, make sure the site you are sending
traffic to relates to the domain. For example don't register
the expired domain '' just because it has a
high link popularity and then forward the domain to your
site about Internet marketing. Other than that you may use
your new domain with 'built-in' traffic however you wish!

Wayne Ford,, is the founder
and president of the leading supplier of
daily expired and soon-to-expire domain lists. He also
publishes a free weekly newsletter packed full of domain-
related information and a list of quality available domains.
You may subscribe by sending a blank email to



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