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May 7, 2001

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Reaching Great Minds Online
May 7, 2001 Issue #88
Mike Valentine, Editor,

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Come One, Come All! But Only if Invited!
by Mike Banks Valentine

Just over one month ago, WebSite101 announced that we've inked
at deal with to offer WebSite101 content
as a paid course to new members. Along with that announcement
came the announcement that all existing members would be
"Grandfathered-in" as alumni and allowed access to previously
free information provided in our online ecommerce tutorial.

This is the time to come one, come all to exercise that right.
Visit the following URL to sign up as a free member and maintain
your access to the site.

After you have entered all required information into the online
registration form, you will be sent a confirmation email and be
added to our database of members with a username and password
of your own to allow access to our classroom!

Now comes the really big news! WebSite101 will be offering our
own branded courses and allowing all members who register before
June 1, 2001 access to all future WebSite101 offered courses --
forever! If you visit the URL above and fill out the required
information, you will be given any and all new courses added to
our distance education portal from this day forward -- FREE!

Courses currently in development include:

E-Commerce Fundamentals
Small Business Law
Writing for the Web
Viral Marketing
Ezine Publishing
Business Communication

All current WebSite101 members will be given access to all new
courses through the member web site only if you complete the
online application by visiting that page and filling out the
form before June 1, 2001.

Please be sure to use the address which you signed up to receive
the WebSite101 Reading List. (Just look at the "To" line in your
email for this issue.) All members will be cross-referenced with
our subscriber list to verify current membership! All new members
will pay $100 for site access and new class offerings.

Also remember our promise of the free e-book made up of previous
articles from the WebSite101 Reading List. That is 100 e-business
insights in one place for easy access. All new members will pay
about $30 for this e-book and it's yours free if you visit our
application page and sign up before June 1, 2001.

We'll have more exciting announcements coming soon of special
offers and opportunities provided to members.

WebSite101 content will be rewritten with our new mandate in
mind and previous commercial elements will be removed from the
current course materials. After you've joined at the URL listed
above, you will see a list of links to members only pages which
will allow you access to course materials.

Come One, Come All!

PS: While we used a high end program for our membership data-
base solution, the article below provides some free scripts to
allow you to implement the most basic features on your site.

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Offering access to content from your site, while
customizing it to fit each user
By Pamela Heywood

This is the stuff that "sticky" is made of. The viral aspects are
really more subtle than many of the other ideas in this series.
This is all about making your visitor feel so at home that
they'll want to come back often and bring their friends.

This is also a challenge, because offering customised content can
be as simple or as complex as you or your wallet want or can
afford to make it. I'm going to stick to some very simple ideas
that are within my own technical capabilities and pocket.

We all need a good form script on our sites, but with a little
thought and application, these can be turned to many more uses
than just sending form results by email. Especially when these
are template-based, you can also serve pages that are derived
from form input. One excellent example is William Bontrager's
Master Form <a href=""> </a>

Perhaps you have an application for a members only area on your
site. Much can be done to customise that for each user. Having
access with a password is enough to make me feel "special".

Membership Assistant PRO!
Includes a password system, plus masses of content so you can
instantly create your own high-traffic members area right on your
website, completely customized to your layout. Membership
Assistant PRO not only attracts new visitors, but turns them into
instant subscribers, and keeps them coming back!
<a href=""> </a>

<a href=""> </a>
Grabs as much information from people as you desire and makes
them "members" of your club.

Individual Homepage - FREE
Allows users to choose which items they want to see on your
homepage. A cookie stores the user's choice and if the user has
no preferences, they will be served a default page defined by the
owner of the script.
href=""> </a>

Copyright 2001 Pamela Heywood <a

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