NewMe Accelerator Supports Minority Entrepreneurs – Video

Robert Scoble interviews members of a new startup accelerator called NewMe, started by Wayne Sutton to support innovation of women and minority entrepreneurs by giving them exposure to Silicon Valley and break the “Pattern Matching” of typical Venture Capital funding awarded to white males.

List of Companies from the current group:

  • Pencil You In App & Infrastructure to allow Hair & Nail Appointments
  • Social Media Aggregator
  • Playd Game Check-in for Console Games
  • FetchMob Crowdsourced Shopping trips
  • BeCouply Couples activities and Meet & Match
  • CuedLocation based activity recommendations based on your social media stream
  • goKit Facilitating multiple online personas
  • Vouch Offline Recommendations taken online via Twitter authority ratings
  • AisleFinder Shopping helper to find items in a store
  • Small Business Website creation made very easy, including social media tools

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