What does it take to make a home for your small business online?

Making Online Business Simple

It is our goal to remove the mystery and confusion from web business to allow entrepreneurs to get past the hurdles of understanding the technology and how to use it to gain funding, exposure and visibility.

  • The Mechanics

    Learn basics of domain names, hosting, platforms and third-party services that keep business moving

  • You Must Be Visible Online

    Marketing your online business successfully requires dedication and investment of resources & time

  • Social Media

    Engaging your audience via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest business profiles and regular social media

  • Winning New Business

    Customer acquisition costs must be seen in light of lifetime value with loyalty & customization costs

  • Check Off the Basics

    Learn all the basics through our tutorials and apply time-tested strategies we show you inside

  • Make Your Site a Gem

    Invest as much as you can reasonably justify in making your site shine to attract every potential client

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Teach You or Build Your SiteFor You

You may have the time to learn the mechanics and the desire to build your own site. If so - we offer a great knowledge base. If not click below for our blog builder group

First Decision - Your Domain Name

Learn what makes a good domain name, then purchase an effective web business address that will make that online business distinctive. Choose well and show off your best attributes. See domain registration link at top.

  • Make it Memorable

    Imagine giving your domain name to someone during a short elevator ride - will they recall the URL?

  • Make it Short

    Nobody will remember long, hyphenated addresses, sub-domains or sub-folders on free hosted sites!

  • Incorporate your Brand

    Clear business branding must be communicated through your domain name to reflect a business image

Some Facts About us

We have advocated for small business online for over 15 years, building business web sites, consulting on SEO, creating rich content experiences and expanding social media presence

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Our Latest Articles

We promise to bring you the latest news about small business online, emphasizing domain names and communicating to core audiences via search engines and email marketing.

About Us

The goal of WebSite101 is to discuss the steps required to get a start in online business for entrepreneurs and home businesses. We have advocated for small business online for over 15 years

  • The Race is On!

    Your competitors have web a presence and yours must outperform them in marketing

  • You Can Win

    This is where you learn to tune your business online to beat the competition online

  • Make an Impression

    Nobody remembers who came in fourth - learn to place above the also-rans

Here's What Really Matters

Very few places online offer a comprehensive basic coverage of what is necessary to establish a small business on the web

We continue to maintain and update the resource as the rapid developments of the internet continually changes the landscape of this complex territory. Definitions of terms, webmaster and small business resources, emphasizing business techniques online and a “short-course” are available to help those launching a new business online.

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