How to View HTML Source Code: Tool Shows Web Page Code of Any Page You Choose


If you'd like t to see what makes up any web page, you can use The WebSite101 HTML Source Code Viewer, which lets you see the HTML code that renders any page in your browser. The code is displayed as a text document in the window. The small resulting text window is the HTML coding for any page you enter the URL (domain name and page filename) for! Scan through it and you'll recognize the text from the page you typed into the text box, surrounded by "tags" that tell your browser how to display things like text and background color, position, size and graphics. It's pretty ugly stuff compared to what you normally see on your screen! View it if you'd like to look at this strange language, spoken by only a few thousand web developers and which is useful only on the web! Web page "authoring" software creates this stuff behind the scenes.

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