Target Online Advertising Efforts with Portals

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Target Online Advertising Efforts with Portals


Tightly Target Your Online Advertising Efforts with Portals
by Mike Banks Valentine

It is possible to advertise in extremely targeted markets even down to a very small city if you know about portal sites and directories as well as ezines which target specific geographic areas or countries.

Portal and directory sites often focus on a single topic with a very narrow audience, which allows you to find low-cost advertising with exposure only to your targeted market.

As a web professional I work with people around the world, but pay particular attention to local directories and portals within my geographic region knowing that many clients like to work with someone that they can meet face to face and talk with in person.

If you want to target a particular industry, topic or subject within a small region, you can find these portal sites in most communities online. Find local businesses in your subject or target area and see if they have ezines or newsletters sent out by email. If so, they will very likely offer advertising at a reasonable rate. But because the audience is very targeted, your response rates will be much higher. You must clearly understand your target market in order to take advantage of these advertising opportunities.

Good luck with your advertising campaign!

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