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Why so much of it?
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Content! . . .. Content! . . . Content! In order to make your web site valuable to visitors you must offer content. Internet users are used to being offered valuable information and references to further helpful sites. They want information! What can you offer your visitors? If you have specialized knowledge, offer visitors to your web pages at least a taste of it. Keep it simple and conscise, easy to understand and interesting! We all love to talk about our work, and most people are at least a little curious about what makes your business tick!
Hard-earned Money  Nobody is very interested in a web page that simply tries to convince them to spend their hard-earned money. Most businesses that establish an internet presence do so with the intention of increasing their exposure, and hopefully, their income. So how do you reconcile your desire to make more money with the web surfer's desire for free information? Simply be aware of a truism. "You have to give before you can receive!" WebSite101 offers informative articles as a service to to the internet community. But it also benefits us to post those articles online because it helps to educate our potential future customers to the intricacies of internet commerce!
"What do I get out of it?"
Your first contact with many customers may be your website, so make a good first impression by being helpful, professional and knowledgeable! What are the most common questions you hear in your business? Answer them online! If the most common question you get is "How much do you charge?" Post your prices, but don't stop there! Explain the benefits of your products or services. You must make your service more convenient, more fun, more interesting or easier than your competitors! If you have already answered their questions on your website, your first contact with them may be to close the sale or make an appointment!

Free Comics! From Comic Exchange

Provide additional "reasons" for visitors to return
Give your visitors more reasons to come back to see your site again. The cartoon on this page comes from another FREE content provider which provides constantly changing funnies for your web site. Each time a surfer comes to your page they see a different cartoon! If you think that your web site visitors would enjoy a smile contact Comic Exchange Cartoon and get free funnies! Members of ComicExchange will display YOUR banner ad on other member sites and bring you traffic! WebSite101 receives 10 percent of our referrals from this banner exchange and cartoon service! This costs you nothing but the space on your page and provides your visitors with extra value while advertising your site for you!

Each Time You Visit You See a New Cartoon!

Proof that this kind of content works, is the fact that this page is the most frequently viewed page at WebSite101! Visitors are always interested in a good laugh and they get a new comic each time they visit the page. This fun content can be one of the most popular features on your new website and will bring surfers back to see more! It increases your traffic two ways by bringing visitors from your ad in the banner exchange and bringing visitors back for more cartoons!

The idea is to make your web site a resource in itself so that your visitors think of you each time they think of what you sell. If they know that you offer related products or information then you begin to look like the one-stop-shop for all of their related needs. We recommended that many clients provide links to books via online book seller. This is further benefit to your customers! You can take this a step further and become an affiliate for the book dealer by having a "recommended" books page. You review the book, show the cover and offer a link to the dealer. If the customer purchases the book, you then receive a percentage of the sale!

Big Visitor (traffic) Numbers Mean Only Average Sales
Unless you attract upwards of a million visitors a year, you won't gain much in affiliate fees for the sale of books as the profit margins are thin, but if your visitors know that your book store features many books on a single topic, they will see your web site as a resource for those books, providing them an extra reason to return to visit your site. When they return, they are likely to visit your home page, see the latest information or specials on your front page and purchase more profitable items from you. The return visit alerts them to valuable new services or products that you may have added since their last visit and allows YOU the opportunity to sell them on your newest, latest and greatest!
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Essentially what is being created by offering these links is to provide immediate access or "doorways" to related products and services. Imagine that a customer enters your store through the front door. They make a purchase and then notice 20 doorways at the back of your store to enter related businesses. They can buy related books, music, cards, videos, etc., simply by walking through another door at  your store! Some of those stores offer you a percentage of the sale every time a customer that entered by your doorway makes a purchase from them! This is the "affiliate" or "revenue sharing" approach to internet commerce. And it is the reason so many web site owners link to online book sellers. There are books about anything and everything!

What is an interactive page? Interactive pages are simply pages set up to allow visitors to provide information to you via an online form that they can fill out. The information can be virtually anything you want to ask of them. It could be as simple as name, address and phone number. Visitors enjoy this feature and like to offer their two cents to simple "comment" boxes. If you click here you will be taken to our interactive page designed to communicate directly with us.
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One of our clients uses a service called "Insta-poll" so that each person that visits the site has the opportunity to answer a survey question if they like. And after answering the questions, the current poll results are displayed for them so they know how many visitors share their views! We recommend that everyone ask at least an e-mail address from their visitors so that they can follow-up with special offers or notify them of changes to the site. Ask visitors what they like best about your site, how they found you and if you can send e-mail to them. Not everyone will volunteer information, but those who do are certainly worth staying in touch with! They have clearly expressed an interest in your services by providing you with contact information.

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