Adobe Illustrator – Working with Multiple Art Boards at the Same Time

Adobe Illustrator is software which is fun and easy to use. With Illustrator, you can create whatever graphics you want to and even edit any of your photos. Feel free to write on them, colorize them, or do whatever else you want. With Adobe Illustrator, you can do just about anything with multiple photos or boards. With multiple boards you can edit, print, save, and duplicate them. Adobe Illustrator’s latest software makes it easier for users to use many photos at once.

Now, you have multiple art boards (in one document) where you can edit, view, or print those photos. In the past, you had to tile your photos. With these multiple art boards, you can work on a variety of tasks. In just a few simple steps, you can work on your multiple art boards.

To work with multiple art boards on Adobe Illustrator, go to File and New Document. You should specify the number of art boards you want to work with. You can work with up to 100 boards – and who can really work with that many boards at once? Along with specifying how many boards to use, you can also specify how you want to arrange your boards. This way, it’ll make it easier for you to work with them. You can also choose how many rows, the distance between your art boards, width and height, the bleed, and page orientation. Once you hit OK, you will see red lines around each of your boards. These red lines are called the bleed markers.

In the Edit Art board mode, you can add, modify, and delete art boards. Once you’re finished with your art boards, you can save them in various formats. Just choose File and Save As. You can choose whatever format you want in the Save As box. With Adobe Illustrator, you can save multiple files either as native illustrator files or Adobe PDF files. Once you have chose whichever format you want, give it a name and hit Save. You can even save your document as an Illustrator file under the Illustrator Options box.

With your multiple art boards, you can print one document into several pages. Simply do this by choosing File and Print. If you want, preview your art boards in the Print dialog box. Just click on the right hand arrow at the bottom of the Preview window. You can even select which pages you want to print. Select a single page or range of pages. Even print an entire document if you want. Once you made the appropriate decisions, just hit print.

The new Adobe Illustrator is innovative. You can do whatever you want with multiple art boards. It’s as simple as hitting a button. Imagine what you can do with the next latest and greatest Adobe Illustrator! Their software will continue to be innovative and helpful for all photo editors.

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