AIS 2010 Directory of Health Plans

Featuring More Than 3,900 Key Executives Contacts, The all-new 7th edition of AIS’s Health Plan Directory contains every health plan and primary care preferred provider network operating in the U.S. as of year-end 2009.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 24, 2010 – Atlantic Information Services (AIS), publisher of industry-leading newsletters Health Plan Week, Drug Benefit News, Medicare Advantage News and The AIS Report on Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans is pleased to announce publication of AIS’s Directory of Health Plans: 2010, available in print and on CD-ROM. Now in its 7th edition, the directory contains every health plan and primary care preferred provider network operating in the U.S. as of year-end 2009.

Featuring 469 health plan records and 3,975 key executive contacts (in more than 16 job functions), the 2010 directory listings include: national and state-level enrollment data by company, national enrollment by type of product, company contact information, types of primary care offered, NCQA accreditation status and PBM contracted. To see a list of fields in each section, visit

AIS’s Directory of Health Plans: 2010 is designed to help health plans, PBMs, pharmaceutical companies, technology firms, consultants and other health care organizations:

  • Discover which health plans offer certain types of plan models, and which health plans operate in each state, so you can gauge your competitors’ strengths and identify where your opportunities for market expansion lie.
  • Gain insight into the increasing diversity of health plan models as benefit designs adapt to meet marketplace demands.
  • Create targeted mailing lists and develop call lists to network and generate leads for prospective new partners.
  • Determine which PPO networks may best serve your benefit design offerings.
  • Track shifts in branding as organizations have started to position themselves as national brands versus state or local entities, and as integrations, mergers and acquisitions change the competitive landscape.
  • Develop benchmarks for determining the prevalence of certain type of plan models and create projections about which areas are likely to grow.

CD Database Version of Directory Serves as Tool for Marketing, Market Research and Analysis

The CD database features additional information not found in the print version. Unique data points featured are: a new enhancement that allows users to view enrollment for large national companies in spreadsheet format at the subsidiary level; a special report allowing easy analysis of health insurers by state containing the full listing of each company operating in each state; full listings of parent organizations with corporate headquarters executives, total enrollment data and more; total physicians, and total hospitals.

For purchase information on AIS’s Health Plan Directory: 2010 and to see the full table of contents, sample page and field listings, go to

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