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E-mail List Management Software


E-mail List Management Software

This is a list of e-mail list management software packages. If you know of any e-mail list management software that is not included on this list or have additional information about any of these packages, please let me know. If you want to know more about any of these packages, I don't have a clue!. Some of them provide support mailing lists. Another useful resource is Mailing List Manager Commands by James Milles at the Saint Louis University Law Library.

Package Almanac
Platform(s): Unix (I think)
Description: A free list management system from Oregon State Extension. Source code available. Has not been updated since 1994.
Contact: ftp://www.oes.orst.edu/pub/almanac/

Package Cerberus Mailer
Platform(s): Unix (Perl Source is distributed)
Description: Commercial package from Abiogenesis Publications. In addition to list management, it also can return files and forward mail. No royalties, $69.95 software cost (hourly one-time installation charge if Cerberus Mailer isn't running on your ISP's system already).
Contact: http://www.abiogenesis.com/cerberus/

Package Fastraq Post Server
Platform(s): 32bit versions of Windows using the 'New Style' of shell (i.e. Windows '95 and Windows NT4).
Description: A mail and news server with powerful mailing list facilities. Free as of 3/3/97, but will switch to shareware when development is completed.
Contact: fps@fastraq.demon.co.uk

Package LetterRip
Platform(s): Macintosh
Description: LetterRip is a mailing list server for Macintosh. Can optionally include message banners and footers with every message that goes through a list. Free 30 day demo versin available.
Contact: Fog City Software, http://www.fogcity.com/letterrip.html

Package ListGuru
Platform(s): Windows 95/Windows NT (with Mustang's WINS software)
Description: A shareware mailing list server with command-set emulations of major MLM packages, including Majordomo, listserv, ListProc, Mailbase, MailServ and more. Remote administration options, digests, archives, file submissions, delivery via SMTP or UUCP, etc. Currently available for systems running Mustang's WINS software, but version 2.0 will be out soon for Unix, Macintosh and non-WINS Win95/WinNT/Alpha platforms. Price: $49
Contact: ListGuru-Info@fatcity.com

Package ListProcessor 6.0c
Platform(s): Unix
Description: A mailing list management system, written by Anastasios Kotsikonas. This is the last free version. Version 7.0 and above is commercial
Contact: ftp://cs-ftp.bu.edu/pub/listserv

Package: ListProcessor Version 7 and above
Platform(s): Unix (many flavors)
Description: Commercial version of ListProcessor from the Corporation for Research and Educational Networking (CREN).
Contact: http://www.cren.net/listproc/index.html

Platform(s): VM, VMS, unix (13 brands), Windows NT and Windows 95
Description: By far the most heavily used list management package. Originally developed for BITNET by Eric Thomas. Lightweight freeware version available. Commercial version can handle huge volumes.
Contact: http://www.lsoft.com/

Package: ListSTAR
Platform(s): Macintosh
Description: StarNine's ListSTAR is an automated email processor for the Macintosh that allows you to create and maintain Internet-style mailing lists, automated email response systems, and direct mailing lists.
Contact: http://www.starnine.com/liststar/liststar.html

Package: Lyris
Platforms: Windows NT, Windows95, Solaris for Sparc, Solaris for Intel, and OS/2. Versions for Irix, AIX, and Linux will be available soon
Description: Mailing list server. Price varies from free up to thousands depending on level of support.
Contact: http://www.lyris.com/
USA toll-free: (800) 975-9747
International: (510) 843-6485

Package Macjordomo
Platform(s): Macintosh
Description: A free Macintosh-based list management package. Do not confuse this with Majordomo, the Unix-based list management package.
Contact: http://leuca.med.cornell.edu/Macjordomo

Package Majordomo
Platform(s): Unix/Perl
Description: One of the most popular list management packages. FAQ available at http://www.greatcircle.com/majordomo/FAQ.
Contact: http://www.greatcircle.com/majordomo/

Package: Mailbase
Platform(s): Unix?
Description: Mailbase is the UK's major electronic mailing list service for research in Higher Education. I'm not sure if this software is available publically.
Contact: http://www.mailbase.ac.uk/

Package: MDaemon
Platform(s): Windows NT & 95
Description: A relatively inexpensive commercial package that includes a SMTP, POP3, and mailing list server.
Contact: http://www.mdaemon.com/

Package Minordomo
Platform(s): Unix/Perl
Description: A (very) lightweight moderated mailing list processor. It is a Perl script that allows a user to administer a moderated mailing list. Does not require setup by a system administrator, but does require access to a Unix shell prompt and mail.
Contact: http://www.halcyon.com/sanford/cgi/minordomo/

Package: MReply
Platform(s): Unix
Description: A free UNIX-based mail processing program, specifically aimed at maintaining mailing lists or file servers. It is invoked via the mail .forwarding mechanism, or indirectly with other programs like 'procmail' or ELM's 'filter'. Doesn't seem to have been updated since 1995.
Contact: ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/to/tor/mreply/

Package: MX
Platform(s): VMS
Description: Message Exchange (MX) by Hunter Goatley and Matthew Madison is a free e-mail software package for OpenVMS VAX systems running VMS V5.0 or later, including OpenVMS V6.0, and OpenVMS AXP systems running OpenVMS AXP V1.0 or later. It supports Internet mail over CMU-OpenVMS TCP/IP, VMS/ULTRIX Connection, TGV MultiNet, Process Software's TCPware, and Wollongong's WIN/TCP and PathWay; BITNET mail over Wingra's Jnet; and UUCP mail over DECUS UUCP. Also included is support for SMTP message transfers over DECnet and X.25 (using VAX P.S.I) and support for L-Soft International's LISTSERV software. MX uses VMS Mail for local message entry and delivery, and includes support for mailing lists and mail-based file servers.
Contact: http://www.madgoat.com/madgoat-software.html or ftp://ftp.spc.edu/mx/

Package: Mustang Web Essentials ListCaster
Platform(s): Windows 95/NT
Description: Commercial package from Mustang Software for use with Microsoft IIS and other 95/NT-based Web servers. Uses Active Server Pages for setup, administration and subscription. Includes SMTP/POP3 server and Windows 32 setup program for adminstrators without an ASP enabled Web server. Fast and easy setup. FREE 30-day trial. $299.
Contact: http://www.mustang.com/products/we/

Package: Pegasus and Mercury
Platform(s): Windows 95/NT
Description: These are mail packages by David Harris. Pegasus, which is a POP3 mail client, has filtering support that can be used to setup personal list servers. The Mercury system is a mail gateway, and supports list servers. Mercury/32 is a SMTP mail transport system for Windows 95 and Windows NT, and includes a POP3 server and POP3 Distributing Client. Both packages are free.
Contact: support@pmail.gen.nz

Package: SLMail
Platform(s): Windows NT, 95 (freeware version available for 95)
Description: A commercial mail server (freeware version available for Win95) from Seattle Labs with list management capabilities.
Contact: http://www.seattlelab.com/

Package: SmartList/Procmail
Platform(s): Unix (source distributed)
Description: A free mailing list management package by S.R. van den Berg. You must have Procmail to use SmartList.
Contact: ftp://ftp.informatik.rwth-aachen.de/pub/packages/procmail/

Package: Smof Listserver
Platform(s): DOS
Description: DOS-based mailing list package by Tim Illingworth
Contact: ftp://ftp.demon.co.uk/pub/ibmpc/dos/apps/listutils/

Package: Spam Relational Database backed Announcement Mailing list system.
Platform: N/A
Description: Webmasters at popular sites get a tremendous amount of email from people requesting that they add them to their mailing list. This can be very time-consuming, particularly if one does not have a mailing list. SPAM (TM) allows you, the Webmaster, to have a mailing list where people add and subtract themselves automatically. It is not a mailing list in the Listserv sense. You, the administrator, are the only person who can send mail to the list. Users receive mail that appears to have come directly from you. If they reply, it is directly to the email address that you specify.
Contact: http://www.greenspun.com/spam/

Package: SVList
Platform: Windows 95
Description: A shareware mailing list server designed for use with any PC running Windows 95 and having a SMTP mail account with an Internet service provider.
Contact: http://www.cadvision.com/softventures/svlist.htm
Rob Stevens
Soft Ventures
Box 22183 Bankers Hall
Calgary, Alberta Canada
T2P 4J5
CompuServe: 71441,734
Microsoft Network: Soft_Ventures
Internet: 71441.734@compuserve.com, or stevensr@cadvision.com, Soft_Ventures@msn.com

Package: Tristero
Platform(s): cc:Mail
Description: A cc:mail MLM which provides similiar functionality to the Unix & VMS systems ListServ, ListProc and Majordomo. Can also be used as a local gateway to remote public mailing lists.
Contact: Johnson Consulting

Package: tulp
Platform(s): Unix (source)
Description: A free mailing list package for Unix. No longer updated.
Contact: ftp://ftp.univ-lyon1.fr/pub/systems/unix/mail/list-servers/tulp/

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