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We have often heard that the internet has been the biggest equalizer. Those who have less in life, material or otherwise, are now not as marginalized as they seem to be just a few decades ago. They now have complete access to the wealth of data, news and information as those who have more access to resources.

As the world becomes flatter, the economies of the world have seen a dramatic and fundamental shift in their models. Not one economy or country or multinational organization has the monopoly in producing products and services at the most productive and efficient way. At any given time, there will always be a company that has the best edge in providing the most value for a particular process in the supply chain.

Welcome Business Process Outsourcing

The idea of outsourcing solutions and outsourcing services isn’t necessarily a novel idea. They have been around for at least a couple of decades. However, it is in the last several years that outsourcing solutions and services have become a standard template for successful organizations.

These global companies, in their pursuit of streamlining and making their processes cost competitive and efficient have searched for other companies who can provide complementing services and value that will not just fit and match their own but also provide significant differentiators to achieve their business goals. Hence, today, multinationals deal with a lot of partners who are embedded deep in their processes either at the front or back end.

What This Means To You

Outsourcing solutions and services today does not necessarily mean you have to be a big player with unlimited resources and capital at your disposal. The next big thing may just be a “small” thing. Think about this — in the US today, there has been an unprecedented rise in small “micro-multinationals” (okay that seems to be redundant), a term coined to describe the exact antitheses of multinationals. These small micro-multinationals may well exist in your neighborhood today.

These organizations have evolved from being mom and pop stores to being mom and pop stores who employ a lot less staff, use technology to cut overhead costs, and utilize the so many access that’s now in the market to ship their products and services across the world, something that used to be the domain of the giant multinationals who have complete control and dominance over supply and retail chains.

They have a thorough understanding of their economic value and compete by either supplementing or complementing existing successful brand names. The downside for outsourced solutions and services is that you exist in the “backstage”. You’ll not be known since you are hidden deep in the recesses of the companies who you help. The biggest upside is you don’t have to worry about huge costs spent on marketing, ads, security, IT infrastructure, or employing a lot of staff and bureaucracy, among others.

Outsourcing solutions and outsourcing services is the wave of the future. Determine now what solutions and services can you provide well to the global economy. Have fun.

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