Predictions For Online Businesses In 2012

Even though the economic situation for many nations around the world is expected to worsen in 2012, there are many optimistic business predictions as well. Some of these perspectives related to online business for this calendar year are actually negative, so not everyone is expecting the best. It seems that everyone is weighing in on online business predictions for the coming year. Economists, analysts, politicians and seemingly every other person on the planet has an opinion about what should be expected. The following are just a sampling of some of these predictions that are being tossed about for 2012. These on line business perspectives come from all sides of the spectrum, so feel free to use these as you build your own opinion of the coming economic climate for the rest of this year.

Online businesses will look to the future.

While online businesses want to sell products and services and make money now, they realize that this coming year will be economically difficult. This means online businesses will look more to the long term, especially when it comes to making money and creating economic projections. This also indicates that businesses will be working to anticipate what the future of the web and technologies will be so they can start building today to capitalize in the future.

Online businesses will focus more on mobile.

As the percentage of the populace utilizing smartphones and tablets grows, more and more online businesses realize that they need to actively engage mobile users. This will take several forms. First and foremost, more online businesses will create highly functioning mobile websites to make them more accessible than ever. Other businesses will overhaul their existing sites so that it looks great on a browser from ones PC and on a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, you should expect more branded applications to be released on all smartphone and tablet platforms.

Online businesses will invest even more in social media.

Businesses online and off have already realized that social networks are a big deal and a great marketing tool. Almost every online business already has established themselves on social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Many businesses big and small have also taken to advertising on these platforms doing sponsored posts and featured “Likes”. This should increase in 2012. More and more customer service will be done through social networks. Additionally, the amount of advertising dollars spent on social media by online businesses will increase, effectively changing the face of these social sites.


These were just some of the predictions for online business. Coming from different sources and perspectives, it is far too early in the year to tell what this year truly will hold for online businesses. The actual outcome will have a lot to do with the world economy and any new technology and innovations to how you can do business online. It seems that the only way to accurately see what 2012 holds is to wait until 2013 to reach a verdict.

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