Tour Guides – How to efficiently use your webpages?

The importance of internet is growing quickly in the travel industry. More and more travelers now use internet for trip planning, destination reviews, and online bookings… If you are a tour guide with your personal website, or a simply web profile page, how can you maximize your online presence with the webpages? Rather than creating a website and leave it aside, you can efficiently use these online contents when talking with potential clients. Your webpages can be a very strong sales tool.

When clients enquire about general tour information, the ready-made content from your webpages can be forwarded to the clients directly. However, be specific. Don’t overload your travel clients with too much information. Forward them the very relevant page addressing their queries. Similarly, do not simply send them a homepage URL. You are familiar with contents of your asset (your own website). The clients are not. Do not take for granted that they can find what they are looking for. Besides, why not save their time and efforts by giving a direct link to their interest?

One easy way of using your webpage is to include the URL in your E-mail signature. It makes your E-business card more professional. People would like to know more about yourself and the guiding services before they confirm the booking. A web page is easily accessible for them to get some information.

Include testimonial pages when talking with potential clients. The reviews and testimonials from past clients help to build up trust. Webpage with testimonials can be a very strong sales tool. Do not hesitate to show your testimonials, either on your own website or from other travel review websites.

Use the social media. Everyone is talking about twitter, facebook, google buzz these days. Social media is a method of inbound marketing. You can use it to connect with clients. You can also use these social media sites to promote your webpages. For instance, add the URL to your twitter profile, share links with your facebook friends, buzz your unique sightseeing tours. Make your website alive with social media presence.

Promote your profile webpage on other websites, forums and blogs. Blogging is a good way to keep your website up-to-date. Search engines like google value new contents and updated website. If you use third-party blog platform like wordpress, you can use the blog to introduce contents on your website. E.g. link to the relevant sightseeing tour for more details. If you are not an active blogger, try reading industry blogs written by other people and joining the comment discussion. Do add value and your thoughts in the comment rather than a mere link promotion. Similar with forums, join the discussion or share new promotions on your webpages. Some forums allow URLs in user signature. Add your webpage in the signature as well.

Your webpages shall not be a dead presence. It is a good platform to promote tour guide services and various sightseeing tours Proactively use it to receive more visitors and get new client bookings.

OurExplorer connects local-insight-seeking travelers with professional tourist guides. The website helps to achieve authentic travel experience with an efficient online booking and rating system. OurExplorer launched in 2008 with tourist guides covering 130 countries worldwide.

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