5 eBook Joint Venture Marketing Tactics!

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by Larry Dotson

1) Give Away Reprint/Resale Rights

You could give e-zine publishers an e-book which they could sell and keep all the profits in exchange for an ongoing ad in their e-zine. When they stop selling it, they can stop running your e-zine ad. Maybe only do it for a small number of e-zine publishers at a time, so it doesn't get saturated and they start turning your deal down. If they only want to run your ad once, you could always include some of your ads in the e-book.

2) Give Away An Advertisement

Create a directory of free e-zines in e-book format. In it, list the free e-zines of publishers who have agreed to advertise the free e-book on their web site and in their e-zine. When you build up a large number of participating e-zines, this will give the larger e-zines an incentive to give away or advertise your e-book. Of course you will have your own product ads in the e-book.

3) Give Away Customization Rights

You could ask e-zine publishers to advertise your free e-book in their e-zine. Tell them that the e-book can be customized with their own web site links. This deal will help increase their traffic and sales. Of course you will have your own product ads in the e-book too.

4) Give Away Your Expertise

You could ask e-zine publishers to give away your free e-book. They might accept, because they can use it as a bonus for people who subscribe to and read their own e-zine. This would increase the number of people who would see your free e-book ad and your other ads in inside it. Tell the e-zine publishers this would also help to keep their subscribers loyal.

5) Give Away Information Archives

A lot of e-zine publishers don't publish their archives on their web site. It's extra work and takes up a lot of web space. You could offer to archive an e-zine's back issues in a free e-book format on your web site in return for the e-zine continuing to run one of your ads. Or just have them mention the archives can be downloaded at your web site because your product ads would be there anyway. Or you could have them give away the free e-book in their e-zine because your ads would be in it.

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