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Good Bets for eBooks
Copyright 2003, Scott F. Geld

Good Bets for eBooks

Are you thinking of marketing eBooks on the Internet? Do you know that some types of material are better suited to eBook format than others, and that successful marketing depends on knowing the difference? Read on to find out when some types of material are well suited to eBook format?

When Order Isn't Beneficial

An eBook can fit the bill when the subject matter lends itself to the reader deciding on the sequence that they want to read information in. For example, you don't need to read a book on gardening in any particular order. If it's information on plants for a garden pond you want, then an ebook makes it easy to jump to that information.

When Multimedia Adds Value to the Book

If the addition of music or sound benefits the user, then an eBook is the perfect medium. For example, interactive books can teach children to read by presenting the words visually and then sounding out the words for the child to hear. In this case, the element of sound makes an eBook more valuable than a print book.

When A Search Capability Improves Usability

If giving the user the ability to search through content and find a specific bit of information enhances the usability of the information, then you have an excellent candidate for an eBook.

When Huge Amounts of Data are Involved

Whenever masses of information in print format means that portability and cost is prohibitive, then the answer is an eBook. For example any kind of encyclopedia is a good eBook candidate. With eBooks storage isn't an issue, portability is easy and the eBook format can decrease costs.

So if you haven't considered using an eBook in your marketing strategy, think again!

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