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Search Engine Submission by Hand tops Automated Software

Why spend hour after frustrating hour submitting your websites to the search engines when you could be running your business?

Drive The Missing 90% Of Your Customers To Your Website With An Experienced, Hands-On Search Engine Submission Service.

Introducing! We present your website to the world.

Search engine submission can be downright frustrating, not to mention time consuming. It's not just the hours of manually submitting, but also all the time you need to invest in learning the every-changing rules not to mention following up to see your positions. And be honest, aren't you disappointed with your low rankings?

Your Search Engine Strategy Doesn't Have To Be Complicated Or Expensive To Work.  Despite what many search engine "surgeons" may lead you to believe, getting your website in the search engine spotlight is a fairly straightforward process.   How Do We Accomplish Our Amazing Results?

Thank you so much!

My traffic was stalled at about 5000 hits per month till I hired your service to handle our monthly search engine submissions. Now we are getting more than 100,000 visitors per month in just the few months we have been with you. Sales have soared. My wife and I are so happy with our new thriving Internet business. Kudos for a job well done.

Steve and Margo - Michigan

We Put Your Website In The Online Spotlight! 

Utilizing more than seven years of online marketing and publicity experience working with the leaders in e-commerce, will get your website indexed in the top 37 major search engines at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

We Concentrate On The Major Search Engines.  

More than eighty percent of your traffic will come from the top thirty search engines.  This is where we concentrate our efforts to bring you the best results.  We submit to these leading search engines:  


We Hand Submit Your Website.

The leaders in e-commerce agree that hand submitting your site works dynamically to improve your overall position in the major engines.  Most of these major search engines now block electronic submissions that utilize software programs.  To get it done right, we actually visit each and every search engine site and manually submit your URL.

We Consistently Resubmit On A Monthly Basis.

In order to gain momentum in your search engine positioning you must submit every month.  Search engines assume you're not serious or not stable if you are not submitting your site every single month.  Furthermore, as you update your website for continued improvement, we submit it monthly to assure that your changes get indexed.  Search engine marketing is a long term project.  We keep you in the game.

We Guarantee That You Will Be Listed In 15,000 Additional Directories Every Single Month.

Many search engines rank on popularity.  By further listing your site at more than 15,000 additional directories, we insure that your website gets the exposure necessary to improve your ranking.  Directories allow us to utilize unique programming for wide ranging directory listings.  This gets your website in front of more buyers and gives you the search engine stars you need to succeed.

It was impossible to keep up with all the new rules that the major search engines keep putting out. I was so frustrated until I hired your service. Before I hired your service our search engine listings were non-existent and our traffic just about as bad. did everything they promised. Our traffic went through the roof and our sales have quadripled. I just wanted you to know that I will be leaving our website in your capable hands forever. Thank you so much.

Ronnie - Long Island, New York

We Include You In Our WriteLinkExchange Network. 

Our network includes a wide-ranging group of categorized website owners that have agreed to review and exchange links with our members.  Reciprocal linking improves your website content and further expands your exposure.  The Major Search Engines now look for websites that offer targeted reciprocal linking and we give you the options to make that process fast and easy with our free monthly newsletter.

In Turn . . . You Can Rest Easy.

It's difficult enough to keep a business up, running, and current. Your clients need YOU and your expertise.  We free up your time by attending to the search engine details of your website.  Once it's in our hands, you no longer need to worry.  Every single month we will submit your site manually to the top 37 major search engines.  Our consistent and professional service will let you do what you do best, tend to your clients and their needs.

You Save Money.

Many search engines services charge hundreds, some even thousands, of dollars for search engine work.  Paying more won't get you more, it will just empty your pocketbook.  Our low cost alternative is highly effective and affordable for every serious online business. 

You Will Gain Time Better Spent Running Your Business.

The simple fact is that it's time consuming and tedious to submit your website properly every single month.  It can eat up time better spent finding new business and is often forgotten by many businesses once they are up and running.  To get the most from your online business, our service saves you hours every month by doing the work for you.

SearchEnginesByHand, You Are The Best!

My coaching business has been in fast forward since I hired your service to handle our monthly search engine submissions. We are listed on the first page in many of the major search engines now. Our Google listing alone has brought in so much business, we are turning people away. To think I used to pay thousands of dollars to search engine doctors to get me listed, and all I needed to pay was $49 a month to you for much better results. Now I'm saving money, making money, and absolutely thrilled with your consistent, reliable, and results oriented service. I'm a client for life!!!!!!

Deborah - Newport, CA

We Give You The Power To Propel Your Business.

For ordering today, you will receive the ebook "Unlimited Profits" absolutely free. This valuable information source will help you to propel your website to success. "Unlimited Profits" shows you the inside track used by many of the major online experts who make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Many new ebooks will be added to the members only download area for your free use. This valuable benefit alone is worth thousands of dollars but is yours free by ordering today.

Save 20% off the regularly monthly cost by ordering during our Spring Fling!

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