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               Glittering Treasure in the Web Jungle! 

               by Mike Banks Valentine 

               Keep your eyes peeled for glittering treasure and listen 
               for chirps and squeaks of wild values in the web jungle! They 
               are out there, the rare birds that twitter great advice and 
               lead you to glittering gifts and valuable jewels just to get 
               your attention! 
The web is a vast and sometimes incomprehensible jungle that can seem just too overwhelming and endless to understand. And it is sometimes frightening to begin an expedition into that threatening terrritory to find what we seek for our tiny little businesses. But every now and then you will hear an exotic cry from the distance that that promises to lead you directly to what you need!
This week I have been endlessly fascinated by new and valuable services offered from nearly every direction I turn. While researching for a client, I stumbled across a wonderful new service called They offer to connect buyers and sellers online by acting as an intermediary to keep potential buyers anonymous and refer those buyers to sellers registered with
This is one of those win/win situations many of us so often look for. The sellers benefit by having regular referrals sent their way, the buyers benefit by remaining anonymous to e-mail PR pitches and being added to yet another sales list. Now it will soon cost sellers to be a part of this service, but right now is offering this service free to online businesses while the service is in beta testing mode! Drop by and take a look at the service and tell them you were referred by WebSite101! We get points for that referral and they'll offer you the same thing. Sign up and tell them we sent you! We received over twenty referrals for our services the day after signing up. We'll let you know if it continues to work for us. There are multitudes of great ideas coming online and some- times the only way to get attention is to give away valuable products and services to your target audience. We have done that at WebSite101 by offering the incentive of a free custom designed web site for signing up for our "Short Course". Many new online services offer increasingly valuable incentives to build their traffic and attract their target market to the site. We were attracted to an innovative online trade and barter service called by one of our "buyers" who was interested in using that service to pay for our service! I went right over there and signed up with that company too. I've long been an advocate of trade and barter to manage cash- flow and belong to a couple of local organizations that provide this service in my area. Now it's available online nationwide! The web jungle has some real treasures along with all of those worthless-scam gorillas and get-rich-quick-scheme snakes. When you come across a tropical flower or two, it makes the stumble through the jungle worthwhile! Happy hunting from WebSite101! -------------------------------------------------------- WebSite101 "Reading List" Weekly Netrepreneur Tip Sheet Weekly Ezine emphasizing small business on the Internet e-tutorial online at: By week's end you're ready expand your business to the web! --------------------------------------------------------
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July 16, 2001