Lighten Up! Enjoy your Time Online
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Lighten Up! Enjoy Your Time Online!
by Mike Banks Valentine

This week I did what we all do occasionally, I "hit the
wall" in my marathon run for online success, That point in
the race that feels like you have smacked face first into
a solid brick barrier and can't possibly continue on.

So I stopped for a break, it's all I could do. I had to
have a little fun, lighten up, enjoy myself a little! So
I started playing online! It's the way I used to feel when
online - a little frivolous and playful. What did I do?

I played hooky from serious web work and I went surfing.
I have a project that I do just for fun, one that causes
little or no stress, an activity that makes me remember
why I became a webaholic in the first place. As a matter
of fact, this is where I play often and it's the first
web site I ever designed, the coolest domain name I ever
reserved and the least concerned with making money I get.

Ironically, it's called and it
began life as a project for a beginning web design class
I was taking four years ago. I began that course with very
little serious in mind and that is the direction my class
project took on. I began collecting web graphics on the
theme of money and finance. I got a local service provider
and a dial-up account and carefully followed the course
instructor to designing a successful web site. It isn't.

But I've never had so much fun on a computer as the time
spent scouring the web for free graphics on the theme of
money! This fits in perfectly with my love of money quotes
from famous folks and quotable sources. That enjoyable
past-time blended seamlessly with the collection of finance
related humor and finally dollar related trinkets and money
novelties. I now have a collection of the best money related
jokes, quotes, trivia, novelties and web graphics available
on the web and I've loved every minute of the time spent
building this little money fun house!

I'm always very happy to drop in there to review the biblical
quotes on wealth, riches and money or to add the latest money
quote from the news of the day. (Don't hesitate to add yours.)

It's never made a cent and not only do I heartily invite
everyone by for a good chuckle, I give away money while I'm
at it! Yeah! The Real Deal! Drop by and pick up a few bucks.
I've never had so much fun and I think you'll love it too.
Take a break and lighten up a little!

Doug Pike "Doubtful Accounts" Finance Cartoons

Money Graphics and Clip Art:

The Real Deal:

Famous Money Quotes:

Biblical Money Verses:

Money Jokes:

Money Trivia:

Rumination on debt:

Lighten up, take a break, have a laugh and don't miss
playing with the fun javascript toy on the jokes page. ;-)

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July 26, 2001