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             How do You Edit a Newsletter? 

               by Mike Banks Valentine 

               This week I was asked what is involved in editing a 
               newsletter and thought I'd pass it along to this list 
               since I advocate EVERY webmaster have a regular e-mail 
               newsletter to keep in touch with potential clients and 
               create a sense of community within their audience of 
               web site visitors. 

               Editing involves proofreading articles for spelling, 
               punctuation, grammar and readablility. There is also 
               formatting the newsletters so that all mail clients 
               from Eudora to Netscape Messenger to Outlook Express 
               can see a properly displayed page with word wrap set 
               at a maximum 65 characters per line. Use a fixed- 
               width font such as courier new to view your work as 
               it will be seen in mail clients that require them. 

               Then any stylistic concerns like indenting paragraphs, 
               double spacing between sentences and using specific 
               "spacer characters" such as asterisks or dashes used to 
               create a specific look for each ezine. 

               Gathering and editing material or writing original 
               material for each issue is also an important task. 
               Understanding list management software commands and/or 
               list host user interface. Knowing how your work will 
               perform (mailto and hypertext links) in AOL mail 
               clients. Setting up advertiser links to track responses 
               and determine "ROI" for their ad dollars. (Here's a good 
               one to try for 
               free trial) 

               Dealing with advertisers by phone fax and email for ad 
               supported lists is critical for businesses that 
               value their subscriber lists as traffic generators and 
               advertising vehicles. (Love those machinery metaphors!) 

               So, there you have a job description for an editor/ list 
               manager. This is a position every webmaster should strive 
               to fill with either a qualified editor or learn to handle 
               themselves. An editor and list manager can make or break 
               your list and dramatically affect your online business! 
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July 16, 2001