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Search Engine Resources Now!
by Mike Banks Valentine

Last week I was the featured guest in a "Grassroots Internet
Marketing" chat where an impressive list of Search Engine
Resources was gathered. Most folks want to know these links
at one time or another. I'm going to make this issue into a
list of valuable search engine links and resources.

So without further ado: - If you can't remember one
like, this engine lists all the other engines. - A new Search service that lets you
customize results and choose valuable resources and save them! - A resource for researching search terms
to use for your own metatags - Another resource for researching
search terms - Helps with keyword popularity -
a search engine overview - a sample doorway page - a sample redirection page - a valuable search engine you must be listed in - a search engine which allows you to pay for
high listings on your keywords - another pay-for-results Search Engine - new, fast, exhaustive search engine! - an important directory and results
provider to search engines. - the BEST search engine. Fast and accurate.

That oughta keep you busy for awhile!

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July 19, 2001