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               by Mike Valentine 

               The sparkling brilliance of the internet can sometimes be 
               so bright that it is blinding. Everything is new and shiny, 
               wonderful and promising on the web. It doesn't cost much in 
               either time or money to get started online with exposure 
               for your business that is available to the world! Everyone 
               will come clamoring to your doorstep as soon as you turn on 
               that glowing neon "Open for Business" sign. 

               You are justifiably proud of your hard work and you have 
               polished and highlighted all of the important points you 
               have to make and posted beautiful photographs and glowing 
               testimonials about your products and services on your site. 
               You have done it all yourself, studying the techniques of 
               the web and submitting to all the search engines and web 
               directories. Now it is perfect, a sight to behold available 
               to the world wide web. 

               Now what? Go get a second opinion! Not everybody will 
               love what you have to offer! Even though you've worked hard 
               to create the perfect web site. Find an expert and seek out 
               their advice and get ready to hear a little criticism! Why? 
               Because you've been blinded by all of that brilliance! You 
               are too close to it to be objective. You've got your nose 
               six inches away from a tree trunk and can't see the forest 
               around you! 

               After going through this scenario myself, just this week, 
               I can tell you that it is humbling. I sought out the advice 
               of this weeks guest columnist, Ron Scheer. He reviewed my 
               site and returned with some insights that startled me and 
               others that confirmed nagging doubts I've had for some time 
               about weaknesses that I just didn't want to admit. 

               Many of you have taken the time to review the offerings at 
               WebSite101 and liked it enough to send your friends. That 
               is how we continue to grow and learn and improve what is 
               offered on our pages. As I learn new techniques and gain 
               new insights, I pass them along to this list to help you 
               do the same if you haven't already learned them yourself. 

               Well if you like the look and feel of WebSite101 now, I 
               invite you to return over the next few weeks and watch a 
               transformation take place. Dr. Scheer has made a list of 
               recommendations that will dramatically improve the site! 
               When you invite a professional to review your site and he 
               gives you some solid advice, it's best to take it to heart 
               and use that advice to make adjustments, improvements and 
               overhauls. I even got a second opinion on his second 

               A friend of mine is a professional copywriter who has 
               done some very respectable work. She reviewed Ron Scheer's 
               suggestions and confirmed what he had to say. Friends and 
               family are not the best source of constructive criticism. 
               She had seen it before and had complimented me on the site. 
               Seek out an unbiased professsional that can give you your 
               money's worth. They're not very likely to say, "That's very 
               nice, dear." That's nice to hear, but it's another kind of 
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July 16, 2001