Make a Living Online Vs. Netbreakthroughs

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Make a Living Online Vs. Netbreakthroughs


By June Campbell

Are you making a living from online sales? Or do you hope to in the not too distant future?

If the answer is yes, you need up-to-the-minute information about Internet marketing -- what works and what doesn't. Otherwise, you can waste a small fortune on services, software and campaigns that just don't pay off.

Two well-know Internet marketers, Terry Dean and Jim Daniels, are both offering "marketing packages" to assist both the seasoned marketer and the newcomer.

Recently, I subscribed to Terry Dean's marketing package called Netbreakthroughs and to Jim Daniels' package called Make a Living Online. I will probably keep only one, but right now, the jury is out as to which one that will be.

Both are excellent although slightly different in their approach.

Daniels' Make a Living Online comes with web site subscription as well as a well-written book that covers the basics of Internet marketing. I like the way Daniels writes -- he's very professional and his material is free from typos and grammatical errors. He's also very systematic. By reading the book from cover to cover, you'll learn the step by step actions that will put you on your way to making a living online. Alternatively, you can read individual chapters for specific information if that's what you need.

Dean's Netbreakthroughs doesn't come with a book -- its' entirely web based. However, Dean does include a substantial number of articles and reports that provide essentially the same information as you'll find in Daniel's book. The material is not so well written and not so well organized -- but the information that you need is all there.

One big benefit of both these packages is the information they offer about real-life marketing campaigns. Both Daniels and Dean provide the results of ad campaigns they have run, followed by a rating of Recommended or Not Recommended. For example, in Netbreakthroughs, you learn the ezines or web sites where Dean is placing his ads, what copy or banner he is using, the cost of running the ad, the number of click-throughs that the ad generated and the number of sales that resulted. Dean even gives you his profit or loss dollar figures regarding individual campaigns. If you're thinking using paid adverts, its more than a little helpful to know which ezines and web sites pay off and which ones don't!

Daniels offers the same type of information about ad campaigns, but he goes into less detail than Dean. Both publishers provide updated reports and information on an ongoing basis.

With Make a Living Online, Jim Daniels has teamed up with a number of service providers to offer free services to his subscribers. For instance, you can get up to three months free web hosting, free autoresponders, free ad tracking services and more. These freebies are high quality products, and naturally, the gamble is that you will become a paying customer after the free time elapses. If you're in the market for any of these services, why not get a few months free? If you're not in the market, this feature of Daniel's site won't benefit you.

Both Daniels and Dean provide personalized support to subscribers. Terry Dean shines in this respect -- he offers both a "coaching" forum where members post questions that he answers, and a bi-weekly online chat hosted by himself. Granted, the Q's and A's are public to all subscribers -- but this can be a bonus. I find that many old-timers are more than willing to share their expertise with newbies and often add as much valuable information as does Dean himself. No advertising is permitted, except for a site link if desired.

Daniels offers Q's and A's via confidential email. The responses come from a panel of experts in certain marketing-related fields. The downside here is that since the experts represent their own businesses, I question whether these answers would be slanted towards their own services and products. Terry Dean, on the other hand, gives the impression of offering unbiased opinions.

Which to choose? It's largely a matter of personal taste. Daniels package offers slightly less "meat" than Dean's, but on the other hand, it is more economically priced. Netbreakthroughs runs at $19.95 a month, whereas Make A Living Online costs a one time-fee of $149 for two years. (Prices subject to change).

The table below compares the two packages:

  Netbreakthroughs Make A Living Online
Publisher Terry Dean Jim Daniels
Target Market Experienced marketers as well as newcomers to ecommerce. Experienced marketers as well as newcomers to ecommerce.
Book, printed No Yes. Make a Living Online. Published 2001. 192 pages. Well written, well laid out, easy to read and follow.
Subscription to Web Site Yes. Renewable monthly. Yes. For a period of two years.
Free eBooks and templates to subscribers Yes Yes
Regularly added articles, tutorials and reports Yes Yes
Results of ad campaigns Yes Yes
Free Services No Yes, but time limited for 1-3 months.
Links to recommended resources Yes Yes
Specials and Discounts No Yes
Your questions answered Yes, by Terry Dean and other subscribers. Answers on an online forum. Yes, by Jim Daniels and a panel of other people. By confidential email.
Video Training Files Yes No
Contests Yes No
Community building with other subscribers Yes, on forum and in chats. No.
Seeks Feedback from Subscribers Yes Yes
Interviews with Experts Yes No
Scheduled Chats with Publisher Yes. No.
Price $19.95 a month. Price subject to change. $149 for two years. Price subject to change.
Link Netbreakthroughs Make a Living Online
Recommend Yes Yes

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