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Is College Still Worth It? Infographic

The cost of attending college can be staggering to many without benefit of scholarships or family inheritance to get them through four years of higher education.

Here’s an infographic put together by Degree Jungle that helps clarify the value an education can bring over a lifetime of earnings. Looks like some statistics majors have been working overtime to illuminate long-term value rather than short term returns.

If you are considering college costs and wonder how long it will take you to see real benefits to your bankroll, consider that most of the return on investment takes a few years. This might help you to see that it’s the long game that really matters. College pays off eventually – but you’ve got to pay back those college loans, then start to see a return after about 15-20 years in the workforce when you are approaching your forties. Quick cash is usually not to be found on the course to college education.

You’ll be glad during middle age and your golden years, but unless you are on a full-ride scholarship or parents have paid for it all, you will learn to enjoy ramen for a bit longer than expected.

But there are those parties to consider…

By Degree Jungle Is College Still Worth It

Is College Still Worth It?

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Over the past 23 years annual tuition costs in US colleges, have risen 4X FASTER – than general inflation rates.


AGE 30

AGE 40

AGE 50

AGE 65

College Graduate Spends an average of -$83,944 attaining a 4 year degree four YEARS AFTER GRADUATING High School not considering scholarships or the fixed 3.4% student loan interest rates

Median annual earnings over a career [until age 65):

Over a career a Bachelor’s Degree is worth $821,956 more than a high school diploma. That’s 65% more or 9.8 times the cost of a degree.
College Grads Say:

High School Graduate Earns average of +$130,400 during 4 years of work

Median first job salary for College grads
Median Salary Increases


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