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Vince Panella, the 18-year founder of Success-Centered Time Management is EXTREMELY excited to announce a new offer and philosophy for his Time Control Training Room!

The Training Room, located at http://www.timecontrol.cc/, is an on-line, multimedia training program designed to give you at least two more productive, profitable and enjoyable hours a day at work and home. It hosts the Internet's most EXTENSIVE library of time-building resources - currently including 18 time-building modules, 340 pages of informative text, 40 behavior-shifting worksheets, and 15.5 motivating hours of streaming audio/video slide shows. And Vince adds a new time-focused module each and every month!

He wants so much for you to have the extra time in your life that you desire that he is extending visitors of Website101 a FULL-YEAR membership to his ever-growing library of time- building material for only $49! That's about 80 percent off of his normal $240 annual fees! What's even better is that he's extending his 90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee to cover your ENTIRE year membership.

To take advantage of this $49 one-year membership offer, simply:

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2) Then immediately go to www.timecontrol.cc and click on the "Time Control Training Room". Fill out your membership and payment information through the "Join Now" link and submit your application through our SECURE server.

3) That's it! Vince's staff will take care of the rest and gladly welcome you aboard.

This Twenty Six Hour Day Is Not Fiction! A Book Review26 Hour Day by Vince Panella

Copyright © by Mike Banks Valentine

Vince Panella might have been accused of writing a work of fiction when titling his book "The 26 Hour Day, How to Gain at Least 2 Hours a Day with Time Control". When he begins his "Introduction to Time Control" chapter by stating on the first page that he's . . . "come to the conclusion that -- time management does not work!" he immediately had me hooked.

I was charmed by the intensely human approach he takes from the beginning. I've got to agree with him because my own experience with time management is that it has a mechanistic, almost robotic feel to it as presented by efficiency experts, management consultants and minutia-charting time accountants. Here is an approach that allows for "wasting time" and, even more surprisingly, advocates getting sufficient sleep!

Although he suggests wasting incrementally less time than you normally might he is clearly aware that as human beings, we are driven less by deadlines than by emotional needs. At least once in every chapter, reminding the reader that we are not perfect and that it's OK that we're not precise as robots.

Panella blends the best of self improvement with his unique approach to what he calls "Time Control", quoting personal growth gurus Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra beside references to American Statistician, W. Edwards Deming, the man who was ". . . given credit for engineering Japan's modern industrial success over the last 50 years." Deming guided Japanese business through a formula of continual success improvement.

Constant incremental refining of success formulas is certainly not limited to Deming. One of my strongest early inspirations was reading "The Autobiography of Ben Franklin", in which the continual improvement of Franklin's character throughout his life is chronicled. Self improvement predated Franklin as well, but Panella has combined the best of personal growth with time control to offer what he has called "Success Centered Time Management."

Although Panella does cover critical topics typical to time management such as standard issue and admittedly important -

* Winning the War Against Procrastination * The Power and Purpose of Goals * Reducing Distractions

Those key points are presented in ways that kept my interest, a surprising accomplishment in itself. But Panella has some more compelling thoughts on some new approaches he has refined over his nearly 20 years of presenting this material. Notable are several concepts that resonate strongly with humanity.

* Gain 2 More Hours a Day Through the Power of Sleep

As one with sleep apnea disorder, I require more sleep than most, but Panella boldly proclaims that, "Lack of adequate sleep is the reason for 90 percent of the problems many of us experience in gaining more control of our time."

He makes a strong case for a society that values sleep far more than does ours. He goes so far as to cite a Gallup poll that showed "Twenty-Five percent of adults believe they cannot be successful AND get enough sleep!" He gives ample reasons, from reduced productivity and performance right on through loss of life caused by drowsiness and inattention.

* Bit by Bit, The Amazing Power of Five Minutes

This section emphasizes devoting a simple five minutes to gradual progress toward seemingly huge goals on a daily basis. Slow and steady wins the race might describe this approach. He refers to this technique throughout the book in varied ways to suggest that progress doesn't have to be measured in tireless devoted hours of struggle, but can be achieved much more easily "bit by bit."

* Moments, The Secret of Life

As a teenager, I wondered what my life might look like as a two hour movie and imagined what little slices of time might make it to the final cut (as I experienced one of my first identity crises upon finishing high school). Panella suggests that all of our lives are much like that and are defined by individual moments of positive accomplishment and that all lives are made up of a collection of small moments we strongly identify with and remember powerfully.

The striking concept he delivers in the book is that we not only have that inventory of past moments, but that we should consider steadily depositing in a bank account of moments from each day, and further, that we consider investing to accumulate a wealth of moments. "Every day, consciously look to create significant and simple moments" to add to your "moments account".

* Maximizing Any Experience

"Before any event or experience . . . simply ask yourself how prepared you are . . . for the event. You'll go through details in your head and take a subjective measurement . . . Then you'll ask yourself what you can do to make the event a little better ahead of time. You'll repeat asking this question . . . listing your answers . . . When complete, you'll have a laundry list of actions to maximize the event . . . You get to play armchair quarterback ahead of time. You pull yourself back and look at the big picture with a chance to make positive changes. Something we fail to do more times than not."

"Maximizing almost seems too easy." Indeed it does, but what a powerful tool if we only developed the habit.

The 26 Hour Day, I'm convinced, is a real possibility in terms of maximising events, investing in our moments with sincere gratitude and bit by bit, in multiple five minute increments, we can gain additional value from our alloted time.

Vince Panella has unwittingly given me the blueprint for my New Years Resolutions for 2002. I'm committed to investing significant time to his program of continual success improvement over the coming year.

26 Hour Day by Vince Panella Buy the book

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Sample Time Control Newsletter (Issue #124)

***** An excerpt from Vince Panella's Time Control Training Room Module "Increasing Your Energy Level: The Less than Six Percent Solution." Copyright 1999, 2002 Panella Strategies, Inc. All rights reserved.

* Whether from this module or any other source with tips for improving your health, for your safety, please consult your doctor before following through on any advice that might put you at risk for illness or injury.


1. Add more fruits and vegetables. (detailed in part 1)

2. Replace simple sugars with more complex carbohydrates.

The "sugar busters" and protein plan diets do make a very good point about processed sugar in our society. Most of us eat way too much!

Again, I'm not telling you to eliminate sugar from your diet. I enjoy my wife's homemade peanut butter cookies more than anyone does. What I'm suggesting you do to improve your overall energy is to replace some of the processed sugars in your diet with more complex carbohydrates.

What exactly does this mean? It means to cut down on some of the white breads, candy bars, sugar cereals, sodas, chips and desserts a little and add a few more grains such as wheat and oats. You don't have to go overboard. Just a few small changes here and there will add up to a healthier lifestyle and increased energy.

Some of you might be asking, why should I cut down on sugars to increase my energy? Doesn't sugar give you energy? Sugar does boost your energy for a short amount of time. But soon after eating it, your blood chemical level becomes unbalanced and you actually get a lull in your long-term energy. This is why you might have seen a child run around like crazy after eating some candy only to become cranky and crash into a nap a short while afterwards.

Doesn't fruit have sugar and isn't it bad for me, some are asking? Yes, fruit has sugar. And this is the argument that some of the "sugar busters" diets are trying to use in telling you why not to eat fruits and some vegetables. But what they fail to point out is that the sugar in fruit is chemically different than processed sugar. The natural sugar in fruits and some vegetables is much more easily processed by your body to maintain a good chemical balance and promote long-term energy.

Complex carbohydrates. Use them to replace a few of the processed sugar items you eat every day.

3. Reduce your fat intake. Again, I'm asking you to make a few simple adjustments.

Fat is important to your diet, but most of us go way overboard in our consumption. As a matter of fact, obesity is now considered a national epidemic according to many health studies. Sugars are a big part of the problem, but it's not to be outdone by how much fat we eat.

I'm not telling you to go on a diet. I think most diets are more harmful than good for you in the long run. When you focus on short-term gains to your system, you usually pay for it over time. Lifestyle adjustments are the key! Making small adjustments to what you eat that add up through time will give you the results you are shooting for in a diet and give you the best odds for enjoying your benefits through time. The problem is that this approach will not drop 30 pounds in 30 days. Diets that claim they can then become very attractive - setting you up for the rebound effect to gain even more weight in the future. Beware of miracle pills!

In focusing on your fat intake and how it relates to your energy level, I want you to think bit by bit. If you cut out a bite here, avoid a candy bar there, and refuse to clean your plate when you're not hungry any more, you'll begin to add more energy to your life. Enjoy the foods you like, but do so just a little less and your positive efforts will stack up over time. Use time to your advantage with this mentality!

One last suggestion on your fat intake is to spread it out over the day, giving your body an increased chance to burn a lot of it. Make sure you get some fat in your breakfasts and lunches, so that you are not craving as much fat at dinnertime. If you eat the majority of your fat at dinner or in the evening, your decreased metabolism at night and while you sleep will convert more of what you eat to fat stores in your body.

***** The July issue of "Self" Magazine is on shelves now!. They interviewed me for one of the feature articles entitled " Finding the 25th Hour." They tested my Sleep Module on a reader for a few weeks and they write about her results in the article.

Subscribers Phone Coaching Special - Work with Vince one-on-one over the phone

We'd like to test opening up a few opportunities to work with Vince on your Time Control one-on-one over the phone. Vince normally charges $200 to $300 an hour for this, but he has a few extra openings in the summer and wants to pass on some savings to you. If you'd like just a quick Time Control tune-up or help with a specific Time Control issue, we'll only charge you $75 to work with Vince for 30 minutes. If you'd like to go more in depth and spend more time together, we'll offer you a one-hour session for only $100. We won't obligate you to a certain number of sessions, either! You can work with Vince just once or choose to take advantage of these prices over an extended coaching relationship. Vince wants your complete satisfaction with this; so, as usual, if you aren't satisfied with the coaching he gives you, just let us know and we won't charge you for that session. Vince can't be any fairer than that!

If interested, just reply to this email, and we'll answer any questions you might have and arrange for a mutually convenient time for Vince to work together with you.

***** ----- Get a FREE signed copy of Vince's "The 26-Hour Day" ----- --- When You Join the Time Control Training Room! ---

Over the last 20 years Vince Panella, the founder of Success-Centered Time Management and author of the book "The 26-Hour Day: How to Gain at Least 2 Hours a Day with Time Control," has helped hundreds of thousands of busy people in over 25 countries gain hours a day through his Time Control program. Vince contends there's a strategic flaw in the traditional approach to time management - it simply DOES NOT WORK! By focusing on behaviors over organizational skills, Time Control shatters the fallacy of traditional time management and gives you the specific skills necessary to massively and painlessly leverage your time.

Vince is now proud to offer you his Time Control program via the Time Control Training Room! The Training Room hosts the Internet's most EFFECTIVE and COMPREHENSIVE self-paced, time-building program - comprised of over 30 Time Control modules each with informative text, behavior-shifting worksheets, and motivating streaming audio/video slide shows of Vince coaching you step by step.

Too busy to spend time on a training program? Then this is the program for you! Each Training Room module feeds you bite-sized chunks of time-building behavioral changes, designed to be easily ingrained over three to four weeks before continuing to the next module. Steadily you'll gain more focus, more energy and more motivation while reducing stress, distractions and time wasters.

All this for only $49 for a full year's membership! And we guarantee you'll gain more time or we'll fully refund your money.

SPECIAL OFFER: When you join the Training Room, Vince will now mail you a personalized, signed copy of "The 26-Hour Day." We'll even cover postage, bringing the value of this gift to $22! To take advantage of Vince's offer, simply enter "26-Hour Day" in the Special Code field of your Training Room registration. After setting up your account, we'll email you to arrange signing and delivery of your book copy.

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