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Hansel & Gretel Left a Breadcrumb Trail - So do Your Website Guests!

Author: Merle

So, who's been visiting your website lately? What do you mean you don't know? How can you tell what's working if you don't have some sort of tracking in place? Measuring website traffic, also known as "stats," is how you know who's visiting your site, where they're coming from, how long they stay, entry and exit pages and more.

You need this information to make informed decisions about your site. You can use it to understand your guests' buying patterns and to measure the effectiveness of your marketing and promotional strategies. It can also be used to show you which areas of your site are the most popular and the pages no one seems to visit. You can use this information to redesign your site and play-up the popular pages while eliminating the ones no one views.

So how do you get this valuable information? There are a number of ways to collect stats on your website. You can:

  1. Purchase Software
  2. Use a Free Online Service
  3. Use a Paid Online Service/ Third Party Auditors
  4. Use your own Web Host

Let's take each option one by one. First in the group of choices is buying stats software. The problem with this option is the hefty price tag. Most of the good ones don't come cheap. -

The leader in stats software, they offer a variety of solutions for everyone from the small business owner to large corporations. Prepare to shell out some big bucks depending on your needs. Visit the site and download a trial copy. -

Professional website stats software with many options. Website Reporter 3.0 offers a free demo and runs on Unix or NT and only costs between 50 to 75.00. Tracks total hits, maximum hits and date, report traffic, top entry and exit pages and much more.

At only 99.00, this one is in everyone's price range. Tells you who's visiting your site and does it very quickly. Includes a hyperlinked tree view report that graphically shows how visitors are moving through your site. Runs only on Win 95,98, or NT, but can analyze log files generated by Unix servers. -

Free to download and 69.00 to register. Easy to read charts and graphs tell you in an instant what visitors are doing on your site. View sample reports at the site to get a feel for what the software can do.

Now let's take a look at your options when it comes to free stats. Many sites offer free stats in exchange for placing a small banner or button on your pages. Many of them are really good if you don't mind the small graphic. - Free Stats is free and easy to use. The downfall is the code they give you inserts a banner on the pages you wish to track. They do offer a "gold" service that eliminates the banners for only 5.95 a month. -

The Counter supplies in-depth traffic reports. Tracks the number of visitors, referrers, browsers, and more. Simple to use add a few lines of HTML to your pages and you're good to go. -

Stat Track is more then just a counter; you get detailed information about your web guests. To use it you will have to tolerate a small 88X31 button on your tracked pages. Sign up, paste the code and you're done.

Now, let's move on to third party or pay stats services. Third party means another server collects and tabulates your website traffic, not the server your site is hosted on.

Professional SuperStats-

Offers advanced real time tracking and historical reporting on site traffic. Not software, it's easy to set up. The tracking code is invisible to your site visitors, no banners or buttons. You can also export the data to MS Word, Excel or PDF format for further analyzing. Only 19.95 per month or 200.00 US dollars for the year. -

Provides traffic measurements and third party auditing services to website owners. Excellent for proving traffic patterns to potential advertisers. Sign up and get your first month for free.

Site Gauge -

Offering a free service, but you have to show banners on your site. For only 19.95 a month for up to 20,000 page views I'd go with the Pro service. It's invisible on your site and the stats collected are really in-depth. You can also request that the stats be e-mailed to you daily.

The last and final option is your web host. Some web hosts will be able to supply you with stats but not all of them. You'll have to ask yours if they do and if there is any charge involved. Usually they supply you with this information for free as an add-on to you hosting service, but I have seen some that charge a small fee for access. Make a point to ask, as many of them won't point it out to you otherwise.

There you have it, stats in a nut shell. By analyzing your website statistics you'll be able to make more informed decisions and know what's working and who's visiting your site. The breadcrumbs are there.... do you have a system in place to find them?

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