Domain Name Inheritance: Willing Your Domain

I’ve long been concerned about what happens to my domain names when I die. Of course I want my wife to have mine and will pursue that with my attorney, but what happens if you haven’t planned? Do domains eventually expire when you haven’t renewed them – maybe years after your death? What are the current laws? Where doesn ICANN stand on willing domain names to family or business partners?

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I started a bit of research and all I was able to find is this press release from 2005, from DomainMart appraisal service, below. The press release is still live at PRWeb archives, but the link in the release leads to a dead page. (No pun intended). Stay tuned and we’ll follow up with more on this topic.

DomainMart Launches Domain-Name Inheritance Planning

Domain-name inheritance planning might seem unnecessary, but it is a prudent move. Without planning, total strangers will eventually grab your domain names.

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) January 3, 2005 -name protection services, today announced the introduction of a domain-name inheritance planning service. Domain-name inheritance planning might seem unnecessary, but it is a prudent move, without which total strangers eventually end up grabbing your valuable assets, says Alex Tajirian, DomainMart President and CEO.

DomainMart develops individual solutions to help owners assign their domain-name inheritance according to their wishes and in the most economical way possible.

If the domain names are part of a will, DomainMart works with the trustee to make the transfer painless. Otherwise, prior to their expiration DomainMart notifies the owner. If the owner does not respond to DomainMarts inquires, they contact the assignees and proceed to implement the owners wishes. Thus, the service indirectly acts as a registration renewal insurance policy too,??? adds Tajirian. Owners can cancel the service or modify the instructions at any time.

DomainMart is a pioneer in providing domain-name secondary-market services, including appraisal/valuation, leasing management, escrow, and protection since 1996.

For more information, please visit or contact:

Tom Saitori, Marketing Specialist DomainMart Inc.
Tel: +1 (415) 905-4234


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