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Research Domain Name OwnersHow to find the best domain names available By Simon Grabowski, CEO of

Author: Richard Lowe, Jr.

Are you getting the service that you require from your domain registrar?
Actually, thinking about it for a minute, it might be a better question
to ask, do you even know what services are available? Are you aware
that you can shop around and get better prices, more features and
far better customer service?

Guess what? All domain registrars are not the same.

Okay, let’s back up a minute. Way back when the internet was young
(maybe 10 years ago) all domain names were handled by Network Solutions,
Inc. In those dark, evil days you had no choice. It didn’t matter
what you thought of the process, it was unimportant that you were
not getting service and the price, well, was a standard high fee.

A few years ago the government decided that Network Solutions would
no longer be a monopoly. The government wanted to do this to deregulate
the industry and encourage competition, and also perhaps to spur
a little bit of growth into this thing called the internet.


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