Small Business Contributes 30% to U.S. Economy

Small Business Contribution to US Economy

Small Business Contribution to US Economy



Small Business Totals Annual Payroll: $1.5 Trillion Small Business: 30% OF U.S. Payroll of $5 Trillion US Dollars

What About Total Revenue? Small Business: 21% OF Revenue

Small Business Payroll: $1.5 Trillion: Total Annual Payroll: $5 Trillion
Small Business Revenue $7.8 Trillion: Total ANNUAL Revenue $25.7 Trillion
Small Business Employment: 42.7 Million: Total Employment: $2O.6 Million
Small Business Establishments: 6.2 Million: Total Establishments: 7.7 Million
Small Business Firms: 5.9 Million: Total Firms: 6.0 Million

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